Benefits of Telecommunication

a year ago
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Telecommunication is defined as the remote transmission of information by means of electronic and computer - based means. It is also defined as the transmission of information or objects in physical form.
Simple and natural means such as speech or visual signals make it possible to communicate at short distances. The evolution of the organization of human societies quickly led to the development of means of communicating at a distance. Telecommunication has been responsible for man’s rapid progress, shortening distances, allowing information to be much faster, communicating in real time places that may be geographically opposed. It also facilitates the control and flow of information and availability at any time and place, reaching more places and facilitating the learning about thousands of people in the world.
Telecommunications have marked globalization and have improved in every sense, because thanks to the current technological communications, it is possible to know what is happening on the other side of the world. Telecommunications are links through technological links, that is, through the Internet, phone calls, from cell phones, for example, or if we go back in time, to telegraphs. As you can see, these could also be considered media, but talking about telecommunications, technology has to be involved. Now we will see the advantages of telecommunications:


  • One of the main advantages is that it is possible to communicate with people around the world virtually, whether through cell phones, computers, or notebooks.
  • Everyone is globalized instantly, that is, we are all connected at all times. This is a great advantage because it is possible to communicate with someone without delay time.
  • The information is globalized. The Internet has provided a major change in the world, as encyclopedias for example are not used as before. The individuals of a society are up to date with advances in health, education, and so on.
  • There is a diffusion of culture that before telecommunications did not exist. To speak of another continent, in this age, is not so strange as it was to speak it 50 years ago.
  • It is possible to take courses at a distance, and this is a great advantage , since many people are difficult to mobilize because of the great distances they would have to travel.
  • It allows many people to work from their homes through some technological means, such as the Internet.
  • They can generate mass consciousness about a current problem that is threatening society. This is a great advantage.
  • It is possible to be able to meet old friends within the technological network.
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