Ben and Kate--The Fox Hunt (review)

Previously On--Ben finished moving into Kate's house but he doesn't seem to have the nerve to say no to Kate's daughter Maddie (getting her what she wants). Kate tells him that he must have boundries with her and that he needs to learn to say no to her. Since Ben hasn't been saying no to her she has been getting to school late causing the principal of the school to want a meeting with her mom. Unfortunately Kate is not so great around people with authority and apparently lied about where she lived so Maddie could go to school there. Ben and Kate go into the meeting but thanks to Ben things go smoothly. They later go to parent teacher night and the plans fall through when Ben invited the parents and head of the school board to Kate's "home" for a little party. They show up at their friend Tommy's home (which is actually his parent's home and yes they know about Kate using their address). The party is started and while Kate keeps the secret, Ben unfortunately called the principal and left a message admitting the truth about where Maddie really lives because he didn't have faith that Kate would keep the secret. So the next day Kate goes into the principals office and admits everything but thankfully he takes pity on her and agrees to keep Maddie as their school thanks to a scholarship type of program that allows kids out of the district to go there.

Tonight's Episode--Ben apparently sent himself a package to find out if he could trust the mailman and get dirt on people that live on the block to project his sister and niece. The guy is of course confused and tells him that he can't tell him anything but apparently Ben and his friend Tommy know who they can and cannot trust and thank the mailman. When he starts to hand him the package Ben tells him that it is for him and the guy opens the package that says #1 mailman. Later Ben and Kate are talking and he tells her that him and Tommy have a plan for a business and she will be able to quit her waitress job. They start fighting about who is smarter and agree to do a treasure hunt that their dad had going on back in 98. At work Kate is complaining to BJ about her brother but of course she isn't listening to her but Kate wants her help with the hunt. BJ tells her that she is lazy and that she doesn't want to do it but of course Kate convinces her and says that they are going to beat Ben. Kate says that she has an advantage because Tommy is going to be working all day so he won't be able to join the hunt but Ben goes to Tommy's work and he leaves willingly with Ben.

At the park the teams are getting together for the hunt. Tommy tells BJ that things will get ugly, he has been on their hunts before and knows what to expect. Kate distributes the list to Ben/Tommy and the girls go there seperate ways (not before pushing the guys down). Kate says that they are going to beat these guys because of hard work which doesn't make BJ happy. Tommy is talking about the things on the list but Ben stops him and says that he is going to let them win which Tommy agrees to. Kate is in the grocery store grabbing the items when BJ realizes that they things that they were hunting for was actually her parents grocery list. BJ and Kate end up going to her now ex-boyfriend's apartment to grab things that she left at his place (and the way she broke up with him was by faking her death) so she sends Kate in to get her stuff.

Meanwhile Ben and Tommy are creating a reclinder that is apparently filled with water but Ben gets stuck in the chair and says that they are going to have to put a hold on it because it is a death trap. Tommy says that they should get some stuff together to at least show that they tried to win the hunt but Ben says why bother because the winner has to do the other's homework and since Kate doesn't go to school he has nothing to worry about. Tommy tells him that no it was actually housework and Ben goes in a panic realizing the Kate does all the housework so they both leave to start the hunt.

Tommy and Ben show up at the country club to get an item but there is a party going on right now and they need the fish that is on display in the hall. They read another thing on the list which includes singing in front of a large crowd but Tommy doesn't want to sing in front of people but than breaks out in song while Ben tries to go and get the fish from the wall. Ben gets the fish while Tommy continues singing "Stand By Me" At the Kate's house the girls are going through different items for the hunt when Tommy and Ben show up. He tells Kate that he wasn't saying that he was smarter but was more a of doer but she wants proof of this (he starts a lot of things but never really finishes which hurts Ben's feelings). Ben says that the gloves are off and that things are personal now and needs to play dirty. He apparently called the school to tell them that Kate was coming to pick up Maddie so Kate brings her to the park. The girls go to the park and Kate realizes that she doesn't have enough items and that Ben is going to win. She tells BJ that Ben is right, that she isn't resourceful but BJ tells her that she is resourceful and that she is great. Kate starts to get confident and says that she is a single mom and is resourceful, so she makes BJ get up and help her out since she hasn't done a thing all day.

At the end of the episode Tommy and Ben are taking everything out of the care and Tommy sees the girls and Kate has a bunch of people to help her. Ben agrees that he needs more points and wants to catch a bird, which he is deathly afraid of. Meanwhile the girls need to get the things out of the back of the car and Kate refuses to take two trips, so they bring everything to the finish line where Tommy and Ben are. They ask how many points Tommy and Ben have, they have 190 but the girls have 200. They have 8 seconds till the end of the hunt when a bird shows up BUT Kate gives the bird bread causing them to still win the hunt. Ben tries to say that it isn't a big deal to him and Maddie/Kate start doing a "we won" dance.

At the house Kate goes to apologize to Ben for being mean to him about not getting stuff done. Ben tells her that she was just being honest with him but Kate tells him that he does have good ideas. She than tells Ben that the reason that she wanted to take business classes is because she wants to open up her own bar. She also tells him that even though he didn't win that he still deserves a prize for participating and gives him a medal that he thought he threw away but Kate kept for him. He starts to get misty eye and Maddie/Kate start making a big deal of it but Ben tries to play it off and runs into the bathroom where he talks himself down from crying but loses and than wins again.

Thoughts-- I am loving this new series about the relationship between brother and sister (and happy to report that it has been picked up for the entire season). Tonight's episode was pretty funny with the scavenger hunt and loved that Kate won even though according to Ben the older brother is always supposed to win. I also have to say that I am loving the characters of BJ and Tommy, the actors are great and the characters are fun to watch.

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