The Beginning of the End of One Tree Hill: Goodbye Old Friend

5 years ago

Last week, One Tree Hill returned for it's 9th and final season.  The show that started off as just a story of two half-brothers, is now anything but a simple story.  The premier of the show's final season proved that One Tree Hill promises to go out with a bang.

The opening sequence is adrenalin rushing, to put it mildly.  Why are Dan and Chris together, with guns?!  Why is Brooke trashing a restaurant?!  Why is Julian being beat to a pulp?!  Who is Haley identifying at the morgue?!  Why is Chase being arrested & is that blood?!  What could possibly be tearing our beloved Clay & Quinn apart?!  All questions and no answers...yet

The premier set a warm and cozy scene for the long anticipated farewell season.

What have our favorite Tree Hill residents been up to?

Brooke and Julian are living the good {exhausting} life as parents of twins.  Twins who, while adorably chunky, feel like sleeping is overrated.  Brooke's probably the most stunning run-down-momma I have ever seen, but that's Sophia Bush for you.  Julian is making his dreams come true, Hollywood style in Tree  Hill.  Buying a sound stage?  Risky business in a small North Carolina town.  But hey, if it's working in Wilmington I am sure it could work in Tree Hill.  After all these years, we meet Brooke's Dad, and it was a little anti-climatic.  But, he's around for a while and it looks like some great work between him and Victoria is coming.  Can't wait to see some amazing banter between the DILF {GILF?} and Grandma Vicki.

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Haley and Nathan are just as strong as we all have been rooting for them to be for years.  Does anyone else find him irresistible with the short hair?  Yum.  But never far from Nathan?  Dan.  Dan is of course back, but which one will he be this time?  Good guy?  Bad guy?  I mean we saw the gun in the opening scenes, what is going on?  Haley, being the open hearted, amazing gal she is...doesn't shut Dan out when he is in "need".  So it looks like Dan will be living with his son and his family.  For how long?  The look on Nathan's face when he walks into Lydia's nursery and see's dear ol' dad holding her? Leads me to think, not long.

Clay and Quinn are in a strange place.  In the opening sequence we see a massive fight.  During the episode we realize that Clay is sleep walking and Quinn is scared.  But there are so many pieces missing from their time in the first episode that we have no idea what is going on.  They are, by far, in the strangest place in the premiere.  I love them together, but it looks like bad times are ahead.

By the time we get to Chase and Alex we are expecting to see the hot and heavy duo still going strong...and they are.  Emphasis on the hot and heavy.  One of the hottest couplings on the show, having them wear as little as possible is pretty much par for the course.

I can't end with out talking about Chris Keller.  Chris Keller likes to talk about Chris Keller, and would probably talk about Chris Keller in 3rd person.  Nothing has changed, except he's even better looking than before.  He's still completely full of himself, doesn't know how to talk to people, and is still the prick you have to love and can't find a way to hate.

I'm still wondering where Mouth, Millie, Skills & Mia are.  We know we'll be seeing Lucas return {if you saw the entire season's preview you are more than welcome to crinkle your nose when you remember that hair.  WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT HAIR?  Ew!} but no Peyton.  My money is on the fact that she left him because of that mop on top of his head.  Peyton has standards, yo.

Did you catch the episode?  What did you think?  What are you hoping to see happen this season?  {If you answer more shirtless Chase and more of Chris Keller's beautiful face, I will high five you to the moon & back.}


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