The Bachelorette, Episode 2

6 years ago
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Last night I caught up and watched the second episode of Emily Maynard's husband search, known more commonly as The Bachelorette. Ryan was the lucky guy who got the first one-on-one date.


I'm not so sure that I'm a fan of Ryan. I feel like he's kind of full of himself. Just a feeling I get. Anywho, their date was far less than glamorous than most. Emily decided that Ryan should get an idea of what her life is really like, running errands, taking care of her daughter, etc. So Emily immediately put Ryan to work and had him unload groceries from her car and then enlisted his help in baking cookies for her daughter's soccer game. Not a bad idea. They then went to the soccer game, where Ryan watched from afar, as Emily did not want her daughter to meet any of the suitors yet. Obviously a good move.

For part two of the date, Emily took Ryan to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants in Charlotte. They drank wine and dined and I thought Emily asked Ryan some very thoughtful questions. Emily gave Ryan a rose, ensuring his safety at the next rose ceremony. They then went to a Gloriana concert (never heard of them, but they are supposedly one of Emily's "favorite" groups. Uh-huh, right) where they slow danced on a platform surrounded by dozens of fans (oh, ya know just regular everyday stuff).

Then it was time for the dreaded group date, whomp whomp. Group dates tend to involve situations that make the participants looks like complete asses, and this one was no different. The guys would be performing at a theater with the Muppets! Nice. It was all for charity so that's cool. Some of the guys did comedy with the likes of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, some participated in a Dating Game-like interview session and they all sang Rainbow Connection at the end.

I liked Tony's Kermit impersonation, but I think his nerdiness will cause some problems for him. Charlie was too nervous to participate in the comedy group because he suffered a traumatic brain injury some time ago and still has some trouble with his speech. He shared this with Emily and she was very understanding. In the end, it would be Jef who got the rose on this date, much to the dismay of the other dudes, especially Chris.

That's Jef. Yeah, I don't get it. And what is up with that hair?

Joe got the second one-on-one date and Emily took him to this fancy-pants country club type place in West Virginia that she used to go to as a child. Girl must come from money and lots of it. I found myself starting to actually like Joe, but Emily wasn't feeling it, so he did not get a rose and went back home. He was noticeably very upset about this.

And so came another cocktail party followed by another rose ceremony. I still don't feel that I have a clear favorite. I liked Arie last night though. I can't decide on Michael. He is intriguing, but I'm not a fan of long hair on guys and he has some luscious locks. He kinda looks like Katie Holmes sometimes. Not good. And I don't think Emily should have kept Alejandro, Alessandro and Stevie. No, no and no. They bring nothing to the table in my opinion.

In other TV news, I did go to my parents' house last night to watch the season finale of Glee. It was the graduation episode and many of the major characters are leaving. Sads. And then the saddest thing of all that I did not see coming, engaged couple Rachel and Finn broke up! NOOOO! Finn decided that Rachel needed to follow her Broadway dream in New York City and he decided to enlist in the Army! NOOOO! It was all kinds of tearful. Normally I do believe that two people just out of high school should not be getting married, but this is my show! It was just so heartbreaking.


Too sad. Just ignore some of the cast members who are smiling in the background. So next season should be very interesting to say the least. Mr. Schuester and Ms. Pillsbury should be getting married, (now that better happen) the current juniors will have the spotlight and Sue Sylvester will have her baby, I suppose. Weirded out. Stay tuned!

-Miss Mare