Art and Design: Week in Review

10 years ago

This Monday marks my start as a Blogher Contributing Editor in the area of Art and Design. I'm very excited about this opportunity to highlight all the ways women are using their blogs not only as a visual medium but also as a place to illuminate the process of creating and sharing that work with the world. If you see something intriguing, creative or just plain beautiful when it comes to Art and Design, please feel free to pass your favorite links along. I'm looking forward to blogging about all things artful across the web for the Blogher community each Monday!

Here's what caught my eye this week:

Etsy Treasury Poster Contest Winners. The nice thing about this contest is you didn't have to create the art yourself--you simply had to assemble a poster comprised of your favorite Etsy images arranged in sixteen neat squares using Etsy's oh-so handy treasury tool. The results are stunning--sixty winning posters in all--and Etsy plans to run these posters as limited edition prints to give away at upcoming fairs and local events. Find one you like and instantly discover sixteen new artists to explore. My best find? Marissa from Creative Thursday.

Progress of a Painting. Mixed media artist Paulette Insall posted a new video in her YouTube series. Listen to great music and watch Insall bring a painting to life. You can also tune in on Fridays and watch Insall paint live.

Indie/Pretty/Perfect interviews artists from around the world. Read Helen's latest installment with talented Mati Rose.

Wreck this Journal. I attended Keri Smith's panel at Blogher07--now I've finally gotten around to wrecking her journal. This book is the just-right thing for perfectionists everywhere and very well might give you the confidence you need to commit your pen to the page once more. Keri has set up a blog and a Flickr pool so you can see how other creative people are destroying this unique workbook, one page at a time.

Pure visual delight. The pretty pictures on design blogs get me every time--all I have to do is scroll through and my mood lightens. Irene Hoofs at Bloesem sent me in a hundred fine directions this weekend. I especially loved the exquisite paper teacups created by Margo Slinger.

Other posts of note this week, award winning gallery owner Jen Bekman discusses the rise of blogging among gallery artists. Influential painter and New York based artist Elizabeth Murray dies of lung cancer at 65.

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