Arsenio Hall Show Was Cancelled? What Happened?

3 years ago

As I just learned via Twitter that the Arsenio Hall Show was cancelled! I am really sad about this.

When Arsenio made his long-awaited, overdue return to televison, I was really excited about it. I thought, this is great! We're going to have a classic return to TV and many people that missed the show are going to be happy to see its comeback.

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Plus, Arsenio has been a fan favorite in households for years. So, his face was gladly welcomed back onto television screens in homes across America.  He had some big names on the show, such as his good buddy Eddie Murphy and a show dedicated to Prince. He had the casts of shows and movies like "The Best Man Holiday," "Single Ladies" and "The Game," just to name a few. He featured musicians like Babyface and celebrated the return of Toni Braxton.  He hosted Taraji, Tyrese, TGT, (A group that features Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank) and many more. 

The Arsenio Hall Show has always been a staple in the community, and especially in the black community. It was great to see a man of color, conducting great interviews and having terrific guests of color as well as all celebrities, celebrated on his show. I thought that with the amount of people that we have now in leading roles on primetime, (i.e. Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Viola Davis and Halle Berry) we'd be able to see them on the couch, talking with Arsenio.  But, now that's not going to happen.

According to the word on the Internet, The Arsenio Hall Show was promised a second season in February, but was cancelled by the end of May. It has been said that the ratings weren't that great and that the percentage had dropped since its premiere. Apparently, the staff of show was very excited about the show's success and was excited about returning. Unfortunately, that won't be happening. My questions is this: Why? 

Now, I know that I just wrote down some of the reasons why, but I just don't get it.  I mean, I don't understand what's going on. I don't get why this show didn't work. It's just like when Monique got her own show on BET. It was doing great and it got a couple of seasons. Then all of sudden, nothing. They were cancelled and that was it. I am wondering, if it's the time slot. I am wondering if it's the fact that it's late night. I am wondering if their shows would be more successful on other networks. Like Monique on Oxygen or Own or TBS. And Arsenio on BET or TNT or TBS. I mean, there's always a chance for a move to a different network.

Look at The Game.  The Game was on the CW for three seasons and then got cancelled. Some time later, BET picks up The Game and it got almost eight million viewers on the Season Four premiere episode! So, anything's possible.

But, I really think it is unforgivable that The Arsenio Hall Show won't even get a chance to have a farewell episode.

Just like when the writer's strike happened and Girlfriends was one of the shows that got cancelled without a farewell season. Many people would have liked to have seen if Joan would've finally met her Prince Charming and have gotten married,  and if Maya would've written a successful sequel to her book "Oh Hell Yes!" that could have turned into a movie. People wanted to see if Lynn would finally find herself and settled on one thing and with one relationship and stick with it. Would the relationship between her and her father increase or vanish? And then, people wanted to see if Toni would return, for one last ride on the show. In all, fans to let the show end it, the right way.

Well, just like with that show, I feel that Arsenio's show deserve to have an honest farewell episode. I am sure that there many people that he would like to thank. I am sure that his staff is right at the top of the list, his guests, the band and most importantly, the fans. The people that were looking forward to his return and looked forward to seeing him every night. I think that this whole situation is really unfair. But, I am hopeful, that Arsenio will bounce back , stronger, better and funnier than ever! 

In the meantime, the fans will have  their arms up in the air and will continue to, "Whoop, Whoop, Whoop". 

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