Are You Prepared?

9 years ago
Earlier this week I had computer problems. It started with spymaxx malware, then once that was gone, I had 2 trojan viruses...Qhost and vundo. Those were nasty and hard to remove. It took 2 days of research and scans, but I was finally able to get rid of everything all by myself. It is something I hope I don't have to deal with again....and that is something I say every time I have computer problems.
Each problem is a lesson....our first computer we bought used a long time ago from a friend. I had put all my business files on it, and one day it crashed. But that was before I had the online business and I still had hard copies of everything. It was a shock, but a good reason to buy a new computer. And it taught me to back up files.
A few years after that, the not so new computer simply wouldn't turn on. It was fine the day before and kaput in the morning. Everything was shot on it. There were no storms, so we don't know what happened, but there was no saving it. I lost everything. Everything was gone. I was still learning about computers and the internet, so I had very little saved on disc or cd. But I had some saved. It was still devastating. I compared it to losing a friend....but I did learn.
Time to buy a new computer : ) With the new computer I could burn everything to cd. So I backed all my important files, and all the photographs I had on floppies, I burned to cd. I tried to regularly back up files.....but you know how that goes. You do it when you remember. But I did get better about it. Then this computer starting acting up. This was last year. Shoot. Of course I hadn't recently backed anything up, but I had something. It would be bad, but not too bad.
The computer was at the shop for a month. That's a God awful long time when you work at home and your business is online. Plus, if they couldn't fix it, I was going to lose files. I'd get over it, but it would be a pain to start over again. Eventually they did fix it and I got it back. And I promptly bought an external hard drive and started backing up my entire computer. I wanted to do it every two weeks, but that turned into once a month, and then into whenever I remembered.
And that brings us to this week. I hadn't backed up the hard drive for probably 2 months. Which would be okay in a pinch, but a more recent copy would be better. The malware and viruses scared the crap out of me. I have had enough computer trouble and I don't want any more. Since these problem weren't physical computer problems, it was just a matter of getting rid of the viruses and hoping there was no damage done. Worst case scenario would have been having to reformat the hard drive. Thankfully it didn't come to that. But it could have....and had I paid more attention, I could have set a system restore point in windows. And that may have been a really easy fix.
The whole point of this post is to hopefully get you to BACK.UP.YOUR.FILES. Burn them to cd. Put them on an external hard drive. Save them to an online back up. Are you prepared if something were to happen to your computer? Considering how social, and personal, blogging is, it would be heart breaking to lose that connection to the rest of the world blogosphere. Even for a short time. Take a minute now and back up what you can't afford to lose. And take it from is way better to be safe, than sorry.
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