I Have Six Gadgets in My Purse and I Need Them All

6 years ago

I thought it was just me with the problem. After all, I am one of those techie type people. I like gadgets and technology, love the Internet, can’t live without my music—you can see where this is going, I’m sure.

Lately I noticed that my bag (I would call this a purse, but my friends with normal-size purses would laugh at me, so I’ll say, it’s the bag where my wallet, keys, and makeup live, as well as two notebooks and a bunch of other stuff that I will discuss) was getting almost comically heavy. One day I decided to take everything out of it and see what was causing this problem, and I realized: I regularly carry around six tech-type things. SIX!

Here’s a short inventory of what I found in my bag, as well as the reasoning behind why I am carrying that thing around (see how I make it sound less crazy through the clever art of rationalization?):

iPhone. I have already discussed how I have an AT&T iPhone. Based on favorable reviews over the past couple of weeks and the fact that I continue to drop 2-3 calls per day, I’m betting soon this will become a Verizon iPhone. Can you hear me now? With all the smartness of this smartphone, I’m surprised that I could even NEED another gadget, and yet... here we are.

Flash drive. What if I have to transfer a file from one computer to another, and I happen to somehow not be connected to the Internet, making the emailing of said file impossible? I was a Girl Scout. I have to be prepared. Besides, it’s light!

iPod. Did I mention how much I love music? I got the iPod before the iPhone, and there is no way my entire music collection will fit on that phone. I’ve actually been trying to leave this one at home lately, as a “stop the insanity” measure, but frankly, I’m still geeking out at the coolness of having my ENTIRE MUSIC COLLECTION on one device, which is with me at all times. Tell me that isn’t super cool!

Blackberry. Again, not crazy. Required by a client that assigned me a company-specific email address which cannot be checked by the iPhone. Still, I do find myself using this as a phone when I run the iPhone battery down, and sometimes I take both phones out when I’m sitting at a table, just so I make sure not to miss anything.

Flip Video Camera. What if something so spectacular happens that it cannot be adequately captured by the iPhone’s video capabilities? What if I want to make a short film? Again, I find it amazing that this is even possible these days, and so I keep the camera around. Besides, I have a blog on which I chronicle absurdities big and small (www.funnystrange.net). Once I shot some footage of a guy trying to put a life-size R2D2 on a city bus. Is it funnier that this situation occurred, or that I had the means to capture it on video? You be the judge.

Zeno Hot Spot. Oh, do you not know about the amazingness of the Zeno? It’s a gadget that uses heat to kill your pimples. How cool is that? As an acne-prone person, I will tell you that this goes everywhere with me; it can literally stop a pimple in its tracks, and I have not been without one for two years.

The underlying theme, as you can see, is that I think technology is super cool, and also, I like to be prepared.

Surprisingly, when I took a short poll of my female friends, ALL of them had more than three gadgets in their purses (two had a phone, Flash drive, and video camera, one had a phone, iPad, Bluetooth, and several others that not even I had heard of, and one had a full-on video camera right there alongside her wallet, keys, and phone. Who knew?).

Since all of my friends were packing serious technology heat, now I will throw this out to you. What’s in YOUR bag?

Could your friends call you “Inspector Gadget?” Moreover, what does this say about the technology itself that we have so many different things that DO so many different things? Have we taken technology too far? Do we all need to be unplugged, Survivor-style, until we learn to go back to a simple way of life where we are better connected to our fellow human beings?

By the way, I am fully aware of the fact that your comments may alert me to the existence of yet another cool gadget, and that this might make my problem worse. I will be brave.

Lori Culwell
Author, blogger, SEO Expert

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