Can the Any.DO iPhone App Help Me Get Things Done?

4 years ago

I love lists. I make lists every day. I sometimes make multiple lists in a day. I edit my lists, not just to cross things off but also to move things around on them or to re-prioritize them. I cleaned out my Evernote last week and I found a ton of old lists. I found empty note holders that used to contain lists of things that I had actually completed but inadvertently left the empty Evernote item. I created the BlogHer group List Lovers Unite because sometimes I feel like I'm the only one, (I'm not), who loves lists. I share a monthly To Do list in that group and whether I ever finish the things on it or not, I feel good about the community that's built around those monthly lists. But, I really would like to do more of the things so I'm also always on the look out for new apps or list organizing tools that will inspire me to get things done. Enter Any.DO.

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Any.DO is an app originally created for Android but now available for iPhone. It's apparently a pretty popular app for Android so I thought I'd give it a go on iPhone -- don't worry, I still use Siri to create lists of things to do and reminders and nothing will ever replace Evernote as my ultimate list keeper. I'm using Any.DO to try and nudge myself to do things that I want to do but might not be quite as earth-shaterringly-important as those things that I track regularly in Evernote.

Things like:

Some of these are familiar to those who follow my monthly To Do lists. They don't have a drop dead date. They aren't work-related. They aren't even a high enough priority that my family suffers if I don't get them done. (Skeeter would argue but she doesn't have a blog so just ignore her woofing over my shoulder.)

The reason I'm hopeful that Any.DO will help me DO these things is because I am not forced to add a "do by" or "do on" or "do at" deadline, date, time. They can be done anytime or I can drag things into specific days (and set times, if I want to.) Instead of giving firm dates and times, I've set Any.DO to buzz me at 4pm, every day, to remind me that I have this list and I should maybe do something on it.

4pm is a pretty good time for me to take a break, most days. I've probably already done an official eight hour day and I also probably really need to get out of my chair and do something not work related. If I'm every going to take a break, that's going to be the time to do it. And that little reminder -- it just might help remind me that things other than work are important. Having a little fun in the afternoon, yes cleaning a bookshelf can be fun and so can walking the darn Treeing Walker Coonhound Poodle, if my arm is feeling up to it and there isn't a blizzard going on.

So that's where I am with Any.DO. I've added some fun things to it and I'll be using it all month long. Join me if you like, I'd really like it if you did, or just come back a month from now and see how I did. (I'll also have a real review of the app, at that time. I hate reviewing apps if I haven't used them for more than a few days, don't you?)

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