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7 years ago
President Obama came to speak at the University of Texas at Austin. I was able to go hear & see his speech in person. Now, we all know that I am not the biggest fan, or any fan for that matter, but he is the president, and I would just LOVE to hear about what he is doing to change the college graduate rates on higher education. I wanted to be informed about what he plans on doing and his take on everything. I wanted the speech to not have the same “pick me up” and “motivational speech” as he always does, simply because listeners fall into that rather than listen to the outcome of such proposals. Sure enough, to me it seems as if the students fell into this hype of a sugar coating nation.
He said that he wanted to increase Pell Grants so that it would be easier to pay off loans after college, but didn’t mention what the negative aspect of that would cause. He forgot to mention that that would in fact include taking some elementary school programs out for the budget in order to do so.  But this is what gets me, if he does that for the younger generation how will they be able to get the right education in order to know what they should do in order to make sure they are taking the right steps in order to get accepted to college?
He also said that America has gone from number 1 to number 12th in college completion rates for young adults.  This saddens me. Yes, I highly agree that a college education is very important. Yes I agree that people should afford college… to a certain extent. He said today, “NO one should be denied their dreams because they can’t afford them.” Okay, Obama we get it. Nice way to send in emotional attachment to the listeners. But you know…
My dream is to live in this HUGE mansion, on my OWN island, having 3 maids (one for each floor of my house, that is) to have children, a great husband, and have an infinite supply of money come in from God knows where while having my husband and I not work.  
But the reality of the situation is that I won’t have that- you know why? Because I WILL be a hard worker, my husband WILL be a hard worker, and my children WILL be hard workers.  Things don’t come that easy, and saying that people can’t go to college because they can’t afford it sickens me. You can afford it- it is up to YOU to figure out the ways, to work, to apply for scholarships. I don’t come from a wealthy family, and having my parents work hard has only allowed myself to do the same and it disgusts me that people use an excuse to say, “I can’t afford it, so therefore I can’t go to college.” 
Have you tried? Because I did. I busted my ass off to go to a great university, I busted my ass off to get a full ride and I am going to bust my ass off afterwords.  
I just think that yes, he was doing good in motivating those who say they can’t afford college, empowering them in a way that they could simply say, “Well, Obama is giving more money for us!” Where is their work ethic going to go? Their drive for accomplishment?
Work hard at what you want. Work with what you have, and you are the only person that can make your dream come true.
Helping the higher education program is high on my list, for people who really want it and want to work hard at it. But making such drastic changes to it, I must ask- Obama, is it going to really change in restoring the economy? It is going to strengthen our military? What about the gulf? Is it going to really decrease our unemployment rate?

Because really, if you add these 8 million or so students you say to graduate from college by 2012, that means more people with degrees and the value of our degree it self might just decline.  But did you fail to mention that to the sea of Democrats at your 20 minute speech at UT? Of course. 

To me, I think this was somewhat of his campaigning speech rather than saying what he is going to do. Please tell us definite answers. Don’t disappoint in making promises that the college students you spoke with on August 9, 2010 will hold you accountable for.
Free healthcare…. Free education?
-Le'Ann Jane
Nonetheless, I saw the president and hope this ‘change’ he proposed will work, whenever that time may come.  I also started my first TEXAS! FIGHT! in the gym that day, before he came out which was really, really, cool and I shook his hand as he came around. Oh, and national television. No big. 

Le'Ann Jane Martinez

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