American Idol Recap: The Top Three Sing Three

6 years ago

It was an underwhelming it just me?

Last night the Top Three sang three songs, and as per usual the song selection was divvied up. With all those people weighing in, I expected to have a few more exciting song choices, but the choices left me pretty unexcited, and the performances did too. Curious to hear what you all thought!

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The rounds were as follows:

First round: Chosen by the finalists, and coached by mentor Beyonce.

Second round: Chosen by producer Jimmy Iovine.

Third round: Chosen by the judges (and they seemed to choose as a group, not assigning a particular judge to choose for a particular singer).

1. Scotty

Round 1: "Amazed" by Lone Star

He sounded a little tight and constrained. And he was performing that way...eyes closed, body tight, arms held in. I believe that's how his nerves showed themselves, and it made for a weirdly reserved performance.

Round 2: "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" by Thompson Square

Honestly, I found it a little boring. I get it...this is his wheelhouse; this is how this style of music is, and he very very adequately represents it. But I just don't think the charisma drips off of him, and I think his mature voice is betrayed a bit by his immature performing skills. I just would never use the term "rock star" to apply to Scotty, as one of the judges did. I'd call him a very nice young man with a very nice, mature voice.

Round 3: "She Believes in Me" by Kenny Rogers

I still thought Scotty seemed really tight and constrained. He didn't know what to do with the song and couldn't relate to its underlying emotions at all. He had the furrowed brow and closed eyes of emotion, but I didn't believe it. I cannot imagine why the judges picked such a mature and wistful song for Scotty.

Bottom line: He tries really hard to seem like he has the appropriate subtext and emotions to the songs he performs, but he's just too young to really have them. BUT he does have a kind of smooth consistency that's kept him safe all this time, and likely still will.

2. Lauren

Round 1: "Wild One" by Faith Hill

Oh noes, the wiggling!! Oh noes, the meh of it all. Oh noes, "There she is, Miss American Idol," here we come. If she has so much resistance to being evil or naughty or whatever, why did she pick this song? I thought she was a bit of a wild child in her original audition, but she lost that long ago.

Round 2: "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry

Some pitchiness and just a general low-key performance style. Also, in the 2011 Kindest Judges on Earth season "Honest moment" = forgot your words and got totally lost. I guess maybe I'm just to black-hearted to want to hear a song about rainbows at this stage of the competition...who's with me?

Round 3: "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack

Again, Judges: What were you thinking? We've heard this song about 100 times onAmerican Idol, and it doesn't really improve with repeated use. And, Stylists: What were you thinking? Her last outfit was an evening gown for a pageant, complete with baby blue chiffon and bouffant hair. The whole effect was so juvenile, and so diminishing.

Bottom line: Lauren is sweet, and by God, she does have a really great tone, smooth vibrato and powerful lungs. But she is not ready to be a star just yet. She is so very young.

3. Haley

Round 1: "What Is and What Should Be" by Led Zeppelin

So, performance of the night. That's all. I mean, good for her. This is exactly what Haley is about: Doing something no one else would do. And killing it. Even Bo Bice didn't try the Zep. Unfortunately I do think she blew out her voice a bit on this one. It's a shame she couldn't have closed with this number instead of opened with it.

Round 2: "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac

I couldn't help but laugh about the wind machine. It was cheese city up in there last night. Like I said, it sounded like she blew her voice out on the Zeppelin tune, so she was rougher than usual, and rougher than called for on this. I don't think she really had the intrigue going strong enough on this number, but I'm a big fan of the song.

Round 3: "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morrisette

This was the only Judge's Selection of the night that I had high hopes for, but it turned out not to be a perfect song for Haley. Mostly because the verses were just too low for her. The chorus came alive, but the verses kind of laid there. Still what she did with the verses was more interesting and impressive than most of the other singing last night...except for her own opening performance.

Bottom line: I just don't know. Haley is the big underdog, the non-country-crooner, the wild card. To me, she's the only one with spark...the only one who can surprise and intrigue me. But in my experience, that is not always what America is looking for.

So, who goes home?

Should be: Lauren. And if you listen to BlogHer's Facebook community, it will be.

Will be: I hope it will be Lauren; I'm so afraid it will be Haley.

What do you think?

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