American Idol Recap: The Top Six Sing Twice, Succeed Once

 At least, that's my take on how they all did.

This week, after Colton's "shocking" elimination, the remaining 6 Idols were tasked with singing one round of Queen, one round of whatever they chose. Each idol had one great performance, and one not-so-great.

And there were lots and lots of extremely high-heeled shoes. Seriously it really bothers me…the female contestants seem hobbled…in the Misery sense.

1. Jessica Sanchez 

Round One: Sang Bohemian Rhapsody. This was OK. I don't buy her as a rock goddess. And didn't like creepy video heads. I know, I know, it's evoking the original video. But that was four different Queen band members…totally different, right?

Round Two: Sang Dance with my Father by Luther Vandross. This, on the other hand, was her best performance ever. Because I believed her. And it seemed personal to her, not a copy of someone else. Maybe it was most helpful that it was a big ballad, like she loves to sing, but my a male diva, not a female one. Either way, this was her success.

2. Skylar 

Round One: Sang The Show Must Go On. oddly, Skylar seemed constrained by this song. She didn't break out her usual fire and spunkiness. She certainly brought out some big big notes, but it all felt strained and constrained.

Round Two: Sang Tattoos on This Town by Jason Aldean. Of course she was very very comfortable in this song. And I liked it fine…it certainly fit her much better than Queen. But you know what I want to see from Skylar now? Some tenderness to go with that fire.

3. Joshua 

Round One: Sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Oh Joshua, did you really have to sing exactly what Fantasia did during her season? I remember her performance quite clearly. The charm, the spunk, the twinkle in her eye. You, once again, were all voice, no emotion in those eyes. I SO disagree with Randy on the charisma factor. 

Round Two: Sang I Am Ready for Love by India.Arie. but, he came back in round two and did a really nice job. This song worked well with his generally pained expression. And just like I will hand it to Hollie that she has a perfect vibrato, I will hand it to Joshua that he does really have great pitch. None of my complaints about him are ever about pitch.

4. Elise 

Round One: Sang I Want It All. This was OK. She certainly seemed more comfortable. it might even have been her best since Whole Lotta Love, but not quite to that level.

Round Two: Sang Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix. [Side note: Is it just me or was the package about her meaner than the others?] Actually: I agree with both JLo and Randy: She did indeed slay that song. And it could indeed have been simpler. And I still don't like the hand thing.

5. Phillip 

Round One: Sang Fat Bottomed Girls. That was not necessary. That is all. Ick. etc.

Round Two: Sang The Stone by DMB. I love that song, and it was certainly some kind of brave to take on the DMB-imitator critics (like me) head on, but if Steven didn't think Elise sung a well-known Jimi song, I assume he feels the same about this one. I thought he was a great DMB cover band on this tune, but I also think he seemed most like he was kind of a dick during the packages all night long, so…don't know. Is his charm going to wear thin?

6. Hollie 

Round One: Sang some song I can't believe was actually a Queen song called Save Me. Meh. Still a really nice vibrato, but not an ounce of Queen's bravado, drama or anthemic rock spirit to be found.

Round Two: Sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Look, it's a treacly song. No getting around that. At least she did a nice job with a treacly song. 

Bottom Line for the Bottom Three: 

Should be: Phillip, Hollie and Skylar with Hollie going home.

Will be: Elise, Hollie and Jessica with Elise going hom.

Even though I really HOPE Hollie goes home.

But what did you think?

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