American Idol Recap: It's the Finals, Idol Fans!!

Will this be Year Five in a row with a sensitive white guy winner? Yeah, I said it. 

Season 11 has been strong, but without someone who made me go "wow!" As we're down to the finals, I wonder who I might have preferred to see there, and other than thinking that Elise is way more intriguing and interesting than we ever really got to see, I can't come up with better. Not from the finalists we ended up with anyway. How about you? Any discarded favorites along the way?

There were three rounds on this quick one-hour episode.

  • Round One chosen by producer
  • Round Two was the favorite repeat performance from the contestant
  • Round Three was the potential single for winner

Finalist #1 Jessica Sanchez

I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. I wish she sounded like herself, not some amalgamation of Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, etc. It's vocally so easy for her, though. I have to give her credit for her pipes of steel.

The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. (And just sung by Chris Mann and Xtina on The Voice finale, right?) She has great control. And she showed great dynamic range. I have to say that in being able to say that, she just displayed most of the qualities that I usually wish these contestants had.

Change Nothing. Oh, what a terrible terrible song. What a generic, vanilla song. What a pretty-much-codependent's-anthem song. Also: Make the yelling stop.

Bottom Line: Three rounds, three power ballads. YAWN. Who let her do that?

Finalist #2: Phillip Phillips

Stand By Me by Ben E. King. Really lovely arrangement, but more because of the guitar part and somewhat unusual chord progression, than the vocal. Like Casey a couple years back, Phillip is more interesting as a guitarist and musician than as a singer.

Movin' Out by Billy Joel. I can dig it.

Home. Wow. Very Mumford & Sons (Thank you Randy). So, consequently, I really liked it. But you know, I really like Mumford & Sons. And Dave Matthews Band. And I already own their albums…do I need Phillip's?

Bottom Line: Sigh. I really want to like this guy, and I want to like him more than  I do like him. 

Round One: Judges went for Jessica. I preferred Phillip.

Round Two: Steven picked Jessica again. Randy called it even. JLo chose Phillip. I once again preferred Phillip. 

Round Three: We all went for Phillip :)

Bottom Line: Who Takes It?

Despite all my qualms, I prefer Phillip as an artist, plain and simple. BUT, part of me is really bummed that no woman nor a person of color has won since Jordin Sparks in Season Six. If this show really only can results in a cute white dude winner, why bother anymore? So, for that reason, I'm rooting a bit for Jessica.

It would seem clear that Phillip should win, given voting proclivities this year (and the last FOUR years), but let's think about Joshua for a moment. (You remember him, right? He got eliminated last week.)

See Joshua got eliminated because all of Hollie's voters shifted to Jessica…from one little girl with a big voice to the next.

Who will Joshua's voters shift to? I think they are more likely to shift to Jessica than Phillip.

What do you think?

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