The American Music Awards Had Me at "Adam Levine".

5 years ago

I could barely contain myself on twitter last night. If you caught me there, you know I was all up in the AMA's. I get a high off of award shows. But let's be honest -- really, most of us just watch for the music {list of winners here}.

Performance high-{and low}-lights

JLo - I could see myself doing the white girl dance with my hands in the air to her music, always. I have a hard time hating on her, she carried twins and can rock a nude/sequinned bodysuit.  But a Momma teaches her daughter that it's sexy to leave something to the imagination. And looking naked while grinding up on Pittbull? It just doesn't leave any blanks ifyaknowwhatImean.  Just when I thought we were DONE with JLo...she comes back out with  I don't really know what I did in a past life, but the AMA's were surely punishing me.

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Marc Antony - It's probably not fair to put Marc right after JLo, but go with me.  I watched his performance and barely remember it.  I'm sure that says more about how I much relate to his music rather than his talent.  The only interest his performance held for me was wondering how he could be all brothered up with Pittbull after he watched his ex-wife shake what God gave her up on his leg.

LMFAO - I must be old. Too old to be suffering through that performance.  They aren't a total wash, their song is so damn catchy that I hate that I love it.  But what I will love to hate for the rest of my being is how they subjected my eyeballs to The Hoff in shorts only meant for the likes of Richard Simmons with a smiley face over the crotch.  Then The Hoff sort of old-man-grinded on the stage. Oh my eyes. No one wants this return to the 80's.  Just make it stop.

Maroon5 - Most of twitter made it clear: What do we want? ADAM!  When do we want him? NOW!  The ONLY thing wrong with Adam's performance is that he was wearing a shirt.  {someone tell Adam, never wear a shirt again}  I think the hottest song on the radio is Moves Like Jagger, and it was just as amazing on my TV as it is on the radio.  But can we talk about Christina?  I'm glad she has some meat on her, she looks like the rest of us.  The rest of us look silly when we try to squeeze into clothes that are too small...and she does too.  But back to Adam, his performance with Gym Class Hero's was just as great.  

{I can't help it that it was made a little better when I saw Taylor Swift mess up the words while jamming in the audience.  What?  I can't help it! I like to see embarrassing moments of celebrities on my television.}

Mary J. Bliege - What an icon. It doesn't matter if it's a song you've never heard before, you know her voice.  That's the magic.  Plus, she always looks so amazing.  She knows how to blend sexy and age.  Her moment to honoring Heavy D was truly touching.

Katy Perry - She can pretty much do no wrong.  Not only is her voice amazing, but she always looks so stunning.  But when it comes to the performance, it was a little slow.  Some of us are are staying up to watch the AMA's, the song choice was just...not right.  But it's Katy Perry. So what do I know?


What did you think of the AMA performances?  Which ones stood out the most to you?


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