All I wanted was any running tee

5 years ago

I went shopping on Friday. I needed a new running tee and a new sports bra. In the end I got only the running tee but that is a whole different story.

I was browsing through the (sparse) women's section of the running department looking for a short sleeved something that would feel light to the touch but not entirely "plasticky".

I was surprised at the fact that only two thirds of the tee were pink or colours that are female by association. Usually, when I go shopping for running gear about 90 % of the gear is pink. I don't know how others feel about that but my second X chromosome does not automatically make me like everything pink. In fact, I don't like pink. Anyway...

Pleasantly surprised, I walked and browsed. I discarded a lot of tees because they didn't feel good to the touch. Why try something on, that doesn't even feel good in your hands. In the end I found something in neon orange that I liked. I wasn't convinced about the colour but in the end it's about feeling good in what you wear.

So when I was ready to find a sports bra I saw something in the corner of my eye. A grey running tee with a little bit of pink in it but little enough to be ignored.

I tried it on, it fit and and felt perfect. All in a matter of seconds I had decided that THIS was it. I looked at the brand. Adidas.

This is the story of my life really. I've always browsed the women's section at the store without looking a the brands. And I always end up with something from Adidas. That was as true way back when I was still playing team sports as it is now.
I'm a walking talking adidas ad. And no, they don't pay me (but I firmly believe they should!). I've never had anything bad to say about an adidas product. They don't die on me prematurely, they work as advertised, they simply fit my body type and I usually find something non-pink.

I have one running tee that is not an Adidas one (it's North Face), my long running pants are Nike and I have a cap that I never wear that is of yet another brand. The rest of my running gear is in fact all Adidas.

So I'm wondering if that happens to other people too, that they end up buying stuff of the same brand or if it's a weird series of coincidences. Or if it has anything to do with Austria being too small as a market to actually offer a divers supply of sports gear.

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