Ah, The Humanity! 7 Recent Random Acts of Kindness

4 years ago
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I love humans. I love kindness. I absolutely love reading about the great things we’re doing with our spare time that doesn’t involve lying, cheating, stealing, or any combination of the three. It hurts my heart to hear all the stories of people creating scenarios entirely in their heads and then contacting the media and duping them in on their little schemes just to garner sympathy and money. It hurts my heart more to know that people just throw money at those tricksters.

They’re con men on a small-scale, and frankly it makes me sick. Instead of doing something kind, they lie and create hate in their heads and hearts – and they’re actively teaching their children it’s OK.

To combat all the news of hoaxes and liars, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite seven random acts of kindness from the past few months.

I hope you enjoy, and that it makes your heart sing!

  1. CARSTAR Canada launched the Random Acts of Shineness (RAOS) campaign today. CARSTAR wants to reward compassionate Canadians who go above and beyond to help their friends, families, and communities. From June through September 2014, the participants can be nominated or nominate themselves, and if they are chosen they will receive a $2,500 prize and be able to choose a charity to which CARSTAR will donate $2,500. You can read more about Random Acts of Shineness here. To connect with CARSTAR, check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  2. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published three letters last week about random acts of kindness. This appears to be a weekly feature! It warms my heart immensely to see the media publish great things. Do all newspapers do this? They should! As a side note, the Post-Gazette has SEO nailed down, because they’re the only news source showing on the first page of my Google feed. Well done x2, PPG!
  3. 1011NOW.com is reporting that a small group of young men are traveling cross-country in an ice cream truck handing out free ice cream. Their project, ARK Project Now, received $10,000 from KIND Healthy Snacks to help fund the trip, which ends in Seattle. Good news: you can help too! Visit their donations page :)
  4. WLTX 19 in Columbia, South Carolina is teaming up with local police to gather fans and coolers for people in need. If you want to help, contact and project information is here.
  5. Thirty-two Primary 4 & 5 students and five faculty at East End Primary in Bermuda spent the day practicing random acts of kindness for residents in their area. This school has the idea! We used to have ski day. They should make that into RAK day!
  6. Paying it Forward (or actually, backward), I believe in buying for the person behind me inline when I can afford it. This typically happens at Starbucks, because I don’t eat fast food all that frequently. The longest pay-back I’ve witnessed is 22 people. Usually, it hovers around 2, occasionally I’m lucky to get 5. A woman in Temple Terrace caused a 36-order ripple. I’m so impressed! I love to see how infectious it gets!
  7. In Hazard, KYWYMT reported that Tara Bailey performed 27 acts of kindness to celebrate her 27th birthday. Heart. Warming.

Bonus Kindness: A real estate mogul in Houston is leaving random cash around the city, then tweeting clues to the location of the envelope with cash. So far, the giver is anonymous, and has struck several cities including Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, Dallas, Chicago. You can follow along on Twitter with @hiddencash

Are you doing kind works in your community? I want to hear about it! Email me: terra@singlegalblogging.com

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