ACORN: Not Gone Just Yet

7 years ago

Underage hookers from El Salvador are going to have to go somewhere else for their tax advise next year. It seems ACORN is closing up shop in all 50 states amid declining revenues.

Acorn is broke. The embattled community-organizing group said today that it is closing its doors amid falling revenues. The development ends a long-running feud between Acorn and congressional Democrats who said the organization was breaking the law by funneling government housing grants awarded to its housing-assistance arm to its legally separate political operations. While the political operation will close, Acorn's housing unit plans to remain in operation, a spokeswoman for the housing group said. The big cracks in Acorn came last year when conservative activists posing as a pimp and a prostitute secretly filmed Acorn employees giving them advice on housing, tax evasion and other activities.

To be fair, this isn't exactly news. ACORN has been listed in news stories as "embattled" for nearly a year now, after it became Public Enemy Number One of the conservative establishment during the 2008 election, and a favorite target of Congressional Democrats looking to appeal to the wide range of voters who disapproved of ACORN's shadier operations, caught on tape by two amateur journalists late last year.

That's not why ACORN is "shutting down" (air quotes intended). Sure, the videos tarnished the brand - as any suggestion  of assisting trafficking of underage girls probably would - and ACORN couldn't raise enough cash to keep going, but it turns out ACORN had been collecting grant money for its housing operation - the community centers that got busted - and channeling it to its political arm, which conducted mostly voter registration operations. Not only does this explain why its voter operation got so huge so quickly, but it may, in fact, explain why its housing operation workers were so poorly trained as to be duped by a kid who looked like Conan O'Brien's high school yearbook photo and a chick who looked like she fell out of a Forever 21. 

But the reason I use the quotes is because I don't believe for a second that ACORN is just all of a sudden disbanding after buying spiffy new headquarters in New Orleans and collecting a volunteer force of almost half a million people. The "ACORN" part of ACORN is only one of many little ACORN branches that stem from the big ACORN tree. Its probably a safer bet that the organization will relaunch under new branding and a new name (or a bunch of new brands and names) within months than counting on the Pussycat Doll to win Dancing With the Stars. And she's f@#$ing amazing.

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