Abortion: Why Are Women Fighting So Hard to Protect a Procedure That's So Harmful to Us?

3 years ago

What's up, Texas?   Why are women fighting so hard and so long to protect a perceived "right" to kill unborn children?  Besides that I'm adamantly morally opposed to abortion, it's incredibly unhealthy for our bodies and minds.  We can't ignore forever the stories of abortion aftermath.  Don't turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the women who have struggled every day since they decided to obtain an abortion.  Sure, there's the occasional woman who will tell you her abortion choice was the best one she's ever made.  But I'd bet that those same women have dark, sad moments where they wonder "what if?"  What if they'd chosen to give their child life?  Would the baby have been a boy or a girl?  Would he or she look like me?  Would he or she be funny?  Smart?  Talented?  For many women, those questions and many others haunt them on a very regular basis.  

Abortion is harmful to women's bodies.  Think about what the actual abortion process is and how they terminate this little one's life.  If it KILLS a human being inside your body, isn't it very likely that it is harmful to the vessel (the mother) who until that point of abortion, was keeping that baby alive?  

It is a baby, by the way.  That little one starts to develop immediately.  He or she (or they) may not be able to exist without help (the mother), but neither can some folks who require a feeding tube, ventilatory support or let's face it, certain medications, to survive.  Are these folks less valuable and less entitled to life?  Certainly not.  So why are we not fighting instead to PROTECT women's bodies and protect our not-yet-born children instead of just selfishly fighting the good fight to protect a heinous procedure that certain women want to be made available to them 'just in case'?

One can argue all day long that at the very least, abortion should be legal in cases of rape or incest.  As a rape survivor, I can tell you that had I conceived as a result of the rape I endured, I would not have aborted my child.  It would not have been easy but I would put my child above my feelings about how they got there.  Everything is not all about "me".   We definitely don't want our teens facing unwanted pregnancies.  However, if a person chooses to have sex, they are choosing to accept the responsibilities and consequences that come with that very adult activity.   I don't think we'd really like to see our teens watching sex on TV so why would we want them doing it??

From a socioeconomic standpoint alone, sex at an age and position that one isn't able to adequately care for a child, is irresponsible and just plain a bad idea.  Abortion should not be a birth control option.  If you messed up and found yourself or your mate pregnant in a less than ideal situation, do the loving and kind thing and give your child that YOU took part in creating, an opportunity at a life with a loving family who welcomes them.  There are many out there with hearts and arms aching to be filled with a child.

If the argument and fight is all about women not wanting to be told what to do with their bodies, and not wanting the government to make decisions for their bodies, then where are all the rallies and protests for the legalization of prostitution?  Isn't the government in fact governing your body by telling you that you will be arrested if you choose to sell your body?

These babies are in fact that...babies.  Not fetal tissue, not a blob, but a living creature with tiny fingerprints and your DNA.  Please protect them.  It won't be easy but isn't knowing that you gave up a small snippet of your life (gestation is less than a year) to let your little one grow, prosper, breathe air, feel sunshine on their faces, dance, sing, make friends, get an education,  worth every moment of your sacrifice?

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