Aaron Swartz Makes me think of MLK in weird kind of Way!

4 years ago

I read a blog post about Aaron Swartz.  A young gentleman I knew nothing about until he killed himself at the tender age of 26.  I read the blog post on Blogher written by Virginia DeBolt “News and Comments About the Suicide of Aaron Swartz.”   because of his age.  Whenever you have a child close to that age, my oldest son is 24, it kind of shakes you.  I sat and cried.  I cried for his loved ones.  I imagined their questions and heartbreak.  Suicide has to be the worst kind of death for those left behind.  It is a choice, a conscious choice and why, oh, why? Can anything be so bad?

Aaron Swartz was facing 35 years in prison? Holy hell. Yep,that is bad but suicide?  I am no computer guru.  I could read both sides and probably never totally understand what the young man did. I did listen to him talk and I wonder? (There is a 22 minute video on the blog I read) Sorry, this will make people mad but I just didn’t hear or see this ‘big time criminal’.  I didn’t believe he was ‘hacking’ for material gain.  But, once again I don’t absolutely know, just a 22 minute video.

In the end, what truly upset me was a comment on the original blog I read.  The commenter said,

It is beyond heartbreaking that he felt the need to take his own life.  However, I think it’s wrong to blame the federal indictment.  He broke the law.  Activist or not, when someone knowingly and willfully breaks the law, they must face the consequences. The fairness and rightness of the law is not the issue, and there are ways to protest what one believes to be unjust laws without breaking them for sport.”

I don’t get into blog commenting fights.  I did not say a word. But that comment is beyond asinine.  Rosa Parks comes to mind!! Nelson Mandela Oh, and of course, what today is all about Martin Luther King,Jr. and the list could go on and on and on.

We cannot or should NOT EVER sit idly  by and just accept laws as PERFECT and RIGHT.  Laws are man made and we know Man has been known to make laws with less than pure hearts.  (please know that sentence was written dripping with sarcasm) It is up to the collective society to make sure we do not follow blindly.  Yes, laws are supposed to keep society living peacefully but never,ever surrender your common sense,humanity and sense of right to an unjust law!!

Once again, I have no idea about all the ‘ins and outs’ of Aaron Swartz and his legal issues.  I do understand he felt the weight of the big bad government and I just wish had felt that there were other ways of getting through his struggles.

I thank God daily for the strong individuals who willingly take on the Giant!!

Please add more law breakers in the comment section. Let us remember what today is all about, making a dream a reality!!! Martin Luther King,Jr. wanted us to always stand next to each other and make sure we worked together, for the right of each of us!!!

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