7 TV Shows to Help You Survive a Scandal-less Summer

3 years ago

Every Thursday, millions of people across America experience devastating withdrawals. As they sit down in front of the television after a sweltering summer day, they flip to ABC. In their heart, they want to see Olivia Pope on the screen. But, the truth rears its ugly head as reality sets in. There is nothing worse than a summer without Scandal.

Unfortunately, diehard Gladiators have a long wait until Season 4 returns this fall. In the meantime, Scandal buffs need a roster of sizzling shows to curb their cravings.

Halle Berry in Extant via CBS

Fortunately, Summer 2014 has several television shows with intriguing storylines and enigmatic characters that will quickly become new favorites for fans, including several launching in the next two weeks.

Here are 7 Shows to Survive a Scandal­-less Summer:


Like Scandal, Suits has well-developed and intelligent characters, excellent scripts, and a never-ending combination of tension, lies, brilliant dialogue, and complicated relationships. The show recently returned for its fourth season and is ranked in the top five among cable dramas. The two main characters, Jessica Pearson and Harvey Spector, have many of the same personality traits as Olivia Pope and her associate Harrison Wright. Watch the chaos unfold as Jessica and Harvey do whatever it takes to win at their high-profile NYC law firm. Suits airs Wednesdays on USA Network at 9PM EST.


Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black has captured the attention of Netflix fans and quickly became one of the most discussed shows in America. The lead character, Piper Chapman, has been sentenced to 15 months in prison and viewers follow her as she deals with a colorful cast of fellow inmates. Since the show is a Netflix original series, it is easy to catch up on past episodes and a dream for the binge TV viewer.


The Bridge

Based off a Swedish TV series, The Bridge is about two detectives investigating a serial killer who is terrorizing citizens along the US-Mexico border. Filled with cultural strain, smart characters, and realistic situations, the series is beginning to gain a strong following.  Last fall, FX renewed the popular new show for a second season, which airs on July 9th of this year and runs until the return of Scandal.



Although this show falls into the sci-fi genre, there has been a ton of buzz about the July premiere of the new series starring veteran actress Halle Berry. In the Steven Spielberg produced CBS show, Berry portrays an astronaut who returns from a year in space. The real kicker? She is pregnant by someone (or something). And her son is predicting an upcoming extinction on Earth. Catch the premiere on July 9th at 9PM EST.



Since Gladiators are used to tuning in to Scandal on Thursdays at 10PM, they will be wide awake and ready for the drama on USA Network’s new series. Satisfaction takes a peek into the life of a married couple who seem to have it all, yet it is not enough. After Neil Truman finds out about his wife’s extra-marital escapades, he begins to explore some questionable choices to fulfill his own desires. Be prepared for a flurry of hot debates and horrible decisions when this show airs on July 17th.


House of Cards

Similar to Orange is the New Black, House of Cards is a Netflix web television program. The political drama tells the story of Frank Underwood, a South Carolina Democrat who was passed over as Secretary of State. Underwood concocts a preposterous plan to propel himself into power. The Washington D.C. setting and ruthless world of politics will be a comfort zone for Scandalheads.


Funniest Wins

What’s a good summer lineup without a bit of humor? Comedian Marlon Wayans’ comedy competition show premiered on June 20th to good reviews. Marlon and a rotating group of fellow comedians serve as judges and mentors to stand-up wisecrackers and YouTube sensations. Funniest Wins provides high energy and a ton of laughs to keep a smile on Gladiators’ faces.

No, there is nothing in the world that can replace Scandal’s gripping cliffhangers and heart-pounding drama. But, these shows are great choices if you need a few excellent shows to preoccupy your Scandal-less summer nights.

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