7 must see movies {bossy list}

3 years ago

There's so many "bossy" lists out there. Must see movies. Ten places you must visit before you die. World's best pie. (Not sure if that last one is an actual list...) Anyways. None of these lists are authoritative in any way at all so I figure I can totally make my own bossy lists.

My first one is my personal list of must see movies. These are basically movies I like and that I'll stop to watch whenever they're on.

1. Labyrinth. I was obsessed with this movie when I was kid. I know all the words and all the lyrics to all the songs. As a child I didn't realize the creepiness of David Bowie's high-waisted tight pants and inappropriate crotch bulge (and the haaaaair!) When I was in a drama class in high school (shudder) I did a monologue from this movie. Oh and that's how we got Bowie's name. (For some reason I thought naming a chubby pug after Ziggy Stardust was ironic and hilarious. I'm dumb.)

2. Clue. Another movie I was obsessed with as a kid. I grew up in the days of vhs so I basically just rewatched whatever random movies my sister had taped off of hbo. This movie (along with Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I later watched in high school) made me have a crush on Tim Curry.

3. Center Stage. We know how I love ballet. This movie has a dumb plot and cheesy acting. But most of the actors are real dancers (including Gillian Murphy from American Ballet Theatre, Ethan Stiefel formerly from ABT and including Zoe Saldana in her first role). So it's worth it for the pretty dancing.

4. Dirty Dancing. Another movie I was obsessed with as a child. Which was also inappropriate. Hmm. I love when I watched this movie when I was older after not having seen it for a few years and getting so much more of it that I previously didn't understand.

5. Pride and Prejudice (BBC miniseries). I guess this isn't actually a movie since it's 5 and a half hours. But it is so good. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book (can't wait to make a bossy books list!) and this miniseries follows it so perfectly. And Colin Firth in a wet shirt walking out a lake or something. I watched this miniseries with my grandma when I was in high school and we would talk about how handsome Mr. Firth was.

6. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. When Willy Wonka is in the room that is all edible and he's singing and he takes a sip from the daffodil and then takes a bite out of it changed my life. I was obsessed with candy as a child and I wanted to eat that daffodil so bad. And that's why daffodils are now my fave flower. True story.

7. Anchorman. This movie will never not be funny to me. And if you don't agree, you can go back to your home on whore island.

Lists should be good round numbers, like 10 or 50 or 100 or whatever. But this my bossy list and I'm lazy. So it's just 7. Check back for other bossy lists as I feel like writing them.

If you made a bossy list of must see movies, what would you include?

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