6 Companies That Get Grammar Right

4 years ago

I love blogs devoted to pointing out grammar and punctuation mistakes, and I've been known to seek out awesome gifts for grammar geeks. But today, we celebrate National Grammar Day, and I'm feeling rather sweet. Today, I thank some companies who get grammar and punctuation right.

1. To Whole Foods, Publix, and a few other supermarkets: Thank you for your "10 Items or Fewer" sign in the express lane.

Image: allaboutgeorge via Flickr

Descriptive grammarians insist that we've lost the fight, and that "less" is as appropriate as "fewer" to modify a number. Unless these signs cost per letter, why not go old-school and impress a few customers?

2. To Mrs. Dash, Mrs. Fields, and Mr. Coffee: Thank you for correctly punctuating your honorifics.

I believe we all understand that Dr Pepper is not a medical doctor.

(I revoked my thank-you to Mr. Peanut upon learning that his parent company, Planters, dropped a final collective apostrophe from its name long ago.)

3. To Old Navy: Thank you for listening to the Grammar Nation.

After receiving corrections to a sports-fan T-shirt that read "Lets Go," Old Navy corrected the error, and left a nod to "the grammar police" on its shopping site.

4. To Ford: Thank you for defending your word choice.

Last year, when Ford unveiled ads including the phrase "Go Further," WordFeeder pointed out that "farther" is the better modifer. One takes a concept further, but one drives farther.

Ford responded to the post with a defense of its use of "further" that in essence said, "We meant to do that."

"While Go Further will be used in Ford’s marketing and advertising, it is not a tagline but, put simply, a description of Ford’s culture. It’s who we are and who we have always been. It’s also what makes Ford different from any other automaker because it promises that we are always going to go further to deliver great products, a strong business and a better world for each other and for our customers. Our One Ford business model and the four product pillars (Quality, Green, Safe, Smart) remain unchanged and support the Go Further brand promise."

I leave it to you to decide whether "further" may further perceptions that Ford's cars will drive farther than other cars will.

5. To I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Thank you for mastering punctuation and spelling, and for using a complete sentence as your product name.

The company even hyphenates "all-purpose sticks." Well done.

6. To Lernstift: Thank you for inventing a pen that corrects your grammar as you write.

The German company made a prototype pen that vibrates when you make a grammar mistake, or when your writing becomes illegible, so it probably won't be your best option for first drafts or drunken poetry.

Do you have anyone to thank for using good grammar?

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