50 Shades of Overrated

5 years ago

Here's my "educated", unsolicited opinion on the best seller "50 Shades of Grey":  it's not great.  Interesting?  Yes.  Funny?  Kind of.  Sexy?  If you're into awkward situations involving tampons and silk ties.  Ok, I take that part back.  Other parts are somewhat sexy, if only for the fact that you are reading about sex and it makes you feel a bit voyueristic.  Have I read all 3?  Well, mostly.  I'm on book 3 but I can't bring myself to finish it yet.  Let me explain...

Out of mere curiosity I bought book one.  Wanted to see what all the hype was about.  It was interesting as far as stories go.  Girl meets multi-billionaire boy, she's inexperienced, he's seriously experienced in a certain, ahem...lifestyle.  On and on it goes until they finally do "it".  I found the heroine likable but the "hero"...not so much.  He was controlling and a bit weird.  And I don't mean just sexually.  He steamrolled her at every turn and manipulated situations and didn't care about the consequences or that it was really irritating Anastasia.  Christian was just too weird.

And NO ONE talks like that!  We're not talking just five dollar words.  I'm an educated, intelligent woman and I would never use those words in any context.  Can't even give an example, it was so ridiculous.  Anastasia, the woman, is 21.  I know quite a few people around that age.  No one talks like that.  I understand the author is from England.  But her characters are American and based in Seattle.  Even from Seattle, no one talks like that.

So why did I buy book two?  I'm a sucker and curious and MUST find out what happens next.  The way the first book ended you HAD to find out how the 2nd book started.  I was so over the whole hype thing by the time "50 Shades Darker" ended, I didn't even want to get into number 3.  But...friends convinced me to just finish it, that it's a "good" ending.  I'm about a third of the way through and haven't picked it up in 3 days.  It's exhausing.  Everything is Mr. Grey this, Mrs. Grey that, bondage and control.  I realize that's the point.  Control, domination, submission, blah...blah...blah.  But 3 books?  It seriously could have been condensed into just one book. 

Just my opinion of course



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