5 Reasons Why Pinterest Deserves Attention!!!

5 years ago

If you haven't heard of Pinterest, you will!

Last week while out to dinner on an "adult" date night (which consisted of a fabulous dinner and tickets to the Philharmonic Symphony) I was introduced to Pinterest. Yes I was supposed to be enjoying the fabulous symphony (which I was) but I was also learning about this incredible site with all my new favorite things. Although I am sure all of the other couples (albeit, they were at least twice my age) were probably discussing the next set of music to be played during the intermission, I was busy chatting it up with my friend (who might I mention, she and her husband were the only other two people who attended who were our age) and looking through all of her pins and boards on her Pinterest app.

Sally (who if you read my BMI blog, you would know is incredibly funny and full of entertainment) asked me "Have you discovered Pinterest yet?" "Um, NO!!! That sounds a bit scandalous. What is it?" All I could imagine was some crazy site that made fun of pin-up models, (don't ask me why but I was focused on "pin" being like "pin-up") something along the same line as "People of Wal-Mart." This would be something Sally would suggest for me to check out. But to my amazement, it wasn't.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual corkboard that lets you organize and share the things you like on the Internet. You can install a 'Pin' button on your browser so that whenever you're browsing something you'd like to save, simply hit the button and a box will prompt you to label your pin. The next time you log into Pinterest, all of the beautiful things you saw online will be waiting there for you to look at.

The website is designed to be like many social media sites. You start with a profile and  instead of writing out status messages on your daily activities or emotions, you pin things you like to your boards. Each "pin" is categorized by you into a different board, providing a way to organize your profile.

Everything is image-based.  In fact, it is very similar to flipping through a magazine and just looking at the pictures. For me it is like having all of the best pictures taken out of Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and Martha Stewart and combined all in one place. And lucky for me it is not just things I have liked--like Facebook and Twitter, you "follow" people and you can see all of the great ideas and things they like and have shared.

The best part: there are more than just pictures. There are instructions and DIY details. Now instead of seeing some great centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table and wondering how I can create it, there are actually details on how it was made or ideas on how you could do it yourself.

In one week's time, I've definitely become an addict. It really is a fantastic waste of time....but it is incredibly useful and deserves your attention!

It may sound a bit complicated, but it's actually really fun. It has literally become a fabulous obsession.


5 Reasons why I LOVE Pinterest and why you'll like it too:


1. I love to cook but who has time to come up with fabulous recipes that will impress everyone--Oh that's right with Pinterest I do:

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