5 Other Holidays You Can Celebrate Instead of Mother's Day

3 years ago

There are many reasons you may not celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday: some sad, some fateful, or some by choice.  No matter the cause, if you’re in the mood for an alternative holiday that doesn’t involve seeing scores of Moms with corsages at brunch or commercials featuring pancakes and expensive jewelry, I’ve got your back. Here are some other things you can celebrate on May 11th:

Hostess Cupcake Day: Those sugary icons of childhood first went on sale this day in 1919. Everyone remembers the chocolate ones, but the orange cupcakes were my special go-to treat. Originally, the cupcakes had no filling, but came with either vanilla or malted milk icing. Grab a package or five and decide that this will be the day you’ll eat enough sweets that you’ll actually hear color and smell sound.

Eat What You Want Day: No origin story on this one, although I suspect the inventor was someone who finally snapped after a month of the Cabbage Soup Diet. It dovetails nicely with Hostess Cupcake Day, too.  Leave the veggies in the fridge for one day, grab a tub of cheese dip and some Slim Jims and turn on Netflix.

Harriet Quimby Day: Believed to be born on this day in 1875, Harriet was the first woman to get a pilot’s license in the U.S. and the first woman to fly over the English Channel in 1912. What made this accomplishment even more amazing was that she did it in an unfamiliar plane and with an unfamiliar, newfangled compass. She’s the ultimate icon of sass, spunk and moxie, so celebrate her on Sunday by going after something you really want.

The Pill Day: We’re all glad to have moms around, but there were far fewer accidental ones after this day in 1960, when the FDA approved the first oral contraceptive. Within four years, approximately four million women were taking it, and generations to come discovered the freedom of choice. Not gonna tell you how to celebrate this one, just asking that you pull down the blinds first so you don’t give the neighbors a free show.

First Book Day: Any day you spend with a book is a good one, something people knew way back on May 11, 868 when the first book was printed in China. The book was actually a scroll with the text containing the Diamond Sutra, a Buddhist teaching of non-attachment. It was printed via inked woodblocks onto the paper and also had an illustration of the Buddha, his disciples and some cats, making it Internet-worthy long before Grumpy Cat came on the scene. Take advantage of this holiday by diving into that massive stack of books by your bed and whittling down your TBR list in glorious peace.

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