5 Last Minute Tech Gift Ideas

6 years ago

Are you the kind of shopper who always likes to pick up one more really cool gift at the last minute for the special people in your life? I always seem to be struck by the spirit of giving at the last minute. Here are 5 ideas for the tech lover in your life that will work for last minute shoppers.

NuTouch Gloves from newertech.com

In this chilly season, the most wonderful idea I've seen are the tech-friendly gloves that let you keep your fingers warm and still work your touch screen device. You can find these gloves in computer stores, or online at NuTouch Gloves. What a great idea.

Sony Earbuds from Sony

I have a set of noise canceling headphones. I bought them so I could listen to my iPod on an airplane without turning the volume up full blast because of the airplane noise. I never carry them when I travel. You know why? They are too bulky. Now Sony has noise canceling earbuds. Small, great for traveling, and they cancel 90% of the ambient noise. You can get them from Best Buy Stores or online stores like Amazon and Sony.

Pitch In Card from Best Buy.

In my family, people are scattered everywhere. And individually, they don't always want to spend enough to get someone the new iPad or HDTV they want. But if they pooled their gift money, it would add to up to enough to make that someone's heart's desire a reality. Enter the Best Buy Pitch In Card. You activate a card at Best Buy and then your friends and family can add money to it from any Best Buy location or online.

Charge Anywhere from iGo

If keeping devices charged is a problem, you might consider one of the many types of mobile chargers. iGo makes one that could fit in a purse or carrying case. Plus, there are many bags, backpacks, and wheeled cases that come with built-in charging equipment. Need something for a traveler? Charging on the go is a problem solved.

For the music lover, a year's worth of Spotify Premium is $120. You could buy 10 albums from iTunes, or spend the same amount on a year's worth of unlimited listening on a computer or mobile phone from Spotify.

If none of these sound perfect for your techie, don't forget that BlogHer has a whole month's worth of great gift giving ideas for you. We provide inspiration!

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
Virginia blogs at Web Teacher and First 50 Words.