5 Fun Ideas or Inventions for 2011

6 years ago

This past year was a fantastic foundation for inventions that could or will come about in the year 2011, by which I mean, some of these are damn fine ideas that someone should put into reality; and others are actual inventions that have limitless possibilities.


Instead of just busting speeders, what if people who drove the speed limit were entered in a lottery to win some of that cash that comes in through speeding tickets?

The not-so-crazy part is that when they put the idea to the test, they saw a reduction in speed by 22%. Who wouldn't want to drive the speed limit if they knew there was a chance of gaining something? After all, you catch more flies with honey, and you get better drivers with money.


Back in June, the Terrafugia was unveiled, a car that could turn into a plane. All it needs is a strip of land for take-off. You can technically pack your suitcase, load it in the trunk, drive to the nearest small airport, take off, land, and drive to your final destination -- all without removing anything from your car or getting out yourself. While the orders are pouring in, I'm hoping that the competition for this product heats up, driving down the cost for everyone who would love to remove themselves from I-95 traffic and fly the family to Grandma's house.


People are fairly accustomed to being able to share video right after they take it, but 3M is unveiling a new camcorder in 2011 that allows people to shoot video and then project it onto the wall, creating an instant movie theater. And the possibilities are endless. Flash film festivals? Previews to the previews while people are waiting in line to get into a theater? Rewind the party while the party is still happening?


Dsolv is a compostable lawn bag made from plants so it breaks down like plants. Instead of putting lawn clippings in paper bags or -- even worse -- plastic bags, people can place them in these flexible bags that behave in the same manner as the contents. But it begs the idea -- packaging that operates like the contents or removing the need for packaging at all. This isn't a new idea, but it has been exploding in recent years and the trend will hopefully grow in 2011.


People waste a lot of water by leaving the water running during a task. This person proposes putting a virtual fish tank behind the sink that shows the person how much water would be draining out of the tank based on the amount of water being used in the sink. By giving people a visual cue and connecting water usage with a living (albeit animated) animal, people will learn to conserve water whenever possible.

What other ideas do you wish to see (or inventions you wish you could get) in 2011?

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