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Today, friends, is the day.

The day that I've been dreaming  nervous sick about for the past 3 months.

Our episode of House Hunters airs tonight, July 20th, 2012, at 9pm cst on HGTV.

If you don't hear from me by Monday, it's because Jon and I have been swept off to Hollywood by Steven Spielberg to start our lives as rich and famous TV stars. Okay no, that sounds terrible, but I am thinking there is a chance Ernie will get a spinoff show or at least a role in an upcoming Disney movie (hey he can't dribble a basketball but he can play a mean game of fetch). 

I want to thank everyone, family, friends, blog readers, total strangers, for being so supportive and excited for us during this time. The plan wasn't to get rich and famous (or even make money off of the show for that matter) but for the experience, and that is exactly what we got. Getting to capture our first home hunt on TV is priceless. And we learned a little about reality TV along the way ;-). Now I want to make a disclaimer, in case I end up saying dumb things on the show or staring straight into the camera (I had a problem with that haha), we have NOT seen the show as of yet nor had any part in editing or coming up with a story line. I really hope they accurately portray the kick ass couple we are, because you know how all the drama gets blamed on editing...okay that may just be all MTV, VH1, Bravo, ABC reality shows but still! I have to say the weirdest part of the whole experience was us not being able to hold hands or really touch on camera. Odd huh? So if it looks like we hate each other, that's why :-)
Tonight we are having a houseful of family and friends over to watch the show, many of which were in on the filming with us, and we couldn't be more excited! A few people (who don't have cable) have asked me if it will be broadcast online and the short answer is maybe. Our producer said that HGTV does show full episodes on their website but it is a toss up as to which ones they play. You can find those episodes here. Also, our episode will rerun on HGTV in the and you can find the schedule, along with our press release here
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