2010 Election: House Race Results We're Watching

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Stephene Moore (D) vs. Kevin Yoder (R) - Kansas' 3rd District [UPDATE: Called for Yoder last night]

This race was previously noted on BlogHer:

While a nurse might not sound like your normal candidate for Congress, Stephene Moore is no normal person. After being married to Dennis Moore, current Congressman, she knows the ins and outs of Washington politics. Unfortunately, her fundraising to date has not matched up to Yoder's.

According to NPR, State Rep. Kevin Yoder won a nine-way GOP primary with 45 percent of the vote and the GOP has targeted the seat.  Unfortunately for Yoder, the overarching issue of what role having a family should play in a political candidate's life has cast its gaze on him. According to The Hill last week, Yoder appeared in campaign literature with a "borrowed family" (he is childless) and a 2009 record of him not taking a breathalyzer during a traffic stop has surfaced.  Real Clear Politics lists this race as "Likely GOP."

There's also a Libertarian in the race: Jasmin Talbert 

Kristi Noem (R) vs. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) - South Dakota [UPDATE: Noem declared winner early this morning]

Sandlin is running to occupy this at-large seat for a fourth term, having easily won her second and third terms in 2006 and 2008.  However, as the polling history shows at Real Clear Politics, these two candidates have swapped the lead multiple times and the district is considered to be leaning GOP at the moment. Noem is notable not only for making this a tight race, but for being one of only a few women from the National Republican Congressional Committee's Young Guns program who has made it to the general election stage.

Gabrielle Giffords (D) vs. Jesse Kelly (R) - Arizona [UPDATE: 7amEST Still not called, Giffords leads by just under 2500 votes, 119,616 to 117,169]

This race was characterized in August by headlines such as, "Giffords' camp giddy to face Jesse Kelly in general election for Dist. 8 seat." Now, however, it has become so close that the media is asking, "Giffords facing major upset?" Although Giffords won this seat in 2006 and 2008 with well over 50% of the vote, Real Clear Politics is calling it "lean GOP" - but that is without any polling except one that was done in August.  The AP Election Guide provides outlines of both Giffords, who served in the state legislature before heading to DC, and her opponent, Kelly, whom the profile calls a political newcomer and tea party favorite.

President Barack Obama exits Air Force One with Rep. Suzanne M. Kosmas (D-FL) (L) and Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) (top R) at the Shuttle Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center on April 15, 2010..The President is attending the NASA Space Conference to provide his vision on the future of manned spaceflight to NASA employees and dignitaries. UPI/Joe Marino-Bill Cantrell Photo via Newscom

Sandy Adams (R) vs. Suzanne Kosmas (D) - Florida [UPDATE: Called for Adams, see updates below]

Kosmas was elected to her first term in 2008 but  the 24th District was represented by a Republican for many years prior to her win. Although there are no polling numbers, Real Clear Politics is calling it "lean GOP" and TIME magazine says that the freshman legislator gets primarily only the negatives of being an incumbent this election cycle. Adams' attraction comes from her background as a four-term state legislator, a deputy sheriff, a detective in Orange County (her husband was killed in the line of duty).  Like Jesse Kelly, the media reports that she is a tea party favorite.

WEDNESDAY UPDATES, 7am EST (info is based on CNN's election result data)

Arizona: This race is still not called! Incumbent Giffords (D) leads by just under 2500 votes over Jesse Kelly (R) out of a total of about 240,000 counted so far.

South Dakota: This race was CALLED overnight (I went to bed at 1:45amEST!) for Kristi Noem (R), 48% over incumbent Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D), 46%. Noem is one of the few female GOP Young Guns.

LAST UPDATE, 12:57AM EST, FOR JILL! SARAH WILL TAKE OVER (East Coast/West Coast hand off re: time difference!) Arizona 8th and South Dakota at large still not called!


Arizona NOT called - with 7% reporting, Giffords (D) the incumbent is leading 51% -45% over Jesse Kelly (R) - if Giffords loses, this will be party switch and a loss of a woman

Florida CALLED for Adams (R) - party switch, still held by a woman

Kansas CALLED for Yoder (R) - party switch, woman incumbent lost

South Dakota NOT called - with 79% in, Challenger Noem (R) has 48% and incumbent Herseth Sandlin has 46%; both are women


Kansas, Stephene Moore is behind by almost 20% but still showing just 16% in

Arizona - Giffords v. Kelly has no results in yet

South Dakota - tight! Kristi Noem is up by 2% over incumbent Democrat Sandlin with 57% of the vote in

UPDATE 10:04PM EST: This is woman v. woman in South Dakota, from KCSR, Noem is a GOP Young Gun:

"With about 17 percent of precincts reporting, Democratic Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin had 48 percent of the votes to Republican Kristi Noem's 46 percent. Independent candidate B. Thomas Marking had 6 percent."

UPDATE 9:52PM EST: From Lawrence Journal (Kansas):

"Kevin Yoder maintains a commanding lead over Stephene Moore in the race for the U.S. House third district. Yoder owns 63.9 percent of the votes to Moore's 33.9 percent and Jasmin Talbert trails both with 2.2 percent."

UPDATE 8:21PM EST: CNN has CALLED Florida for Adams - this isn't a huge surprise because Kosmas was first D in a long time to win in 2008, however, it is a loss for the Ds and a gain towards the GOP's getting control of the House.

UPDATE 8:10PM EST: In the Florida 24th, Adams leads Kosmas, with 20% in according to CNN - 7,000 to 13,000.

Nothing in yet for Kansas, South Dakota or Arizona!

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