2010 Election: Governors' Race Results in Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina

7 years ago


Alex Sink (D) vs. Rick Scott (R) in Florida [UPDATE: Not called as of 7:45am 11:20am Sink concedes, Scott wins 11/3/10]

BlogHer.com's Sarah Granger called this race hot in late September and it's still as hot as ever:

In any corporation, it would make perfect sense for the CFO to be a likely successor to CEO. Sink serves as Florida's CFO, akin to a state treasurer, previously an executive with Bank of America. She is a consumer advocate opposed to offshore drilling, now a hot issue for Florida. Her opponent, Rick Scott, originally from the Midwest, is a former healthcare executive, attorney and venture capitalist who partnered with George Bush in ownership of the Texas Rangers in the 1990s.

Real Clear Politics designates it "toss up" and the poll numbers there indicate a constant, consistent back and forth for the lead. Scott is one of the country's many self-funded Republicans, to the tune of $60 million, in addition to being another so-called tea party favorite. Sink would be Florida's first female governor.

Diane Denish (D) vs. Susana Martinez (R) in New Mexico [UPDATE: Called for Martinez, see more in updates below]

This race is notable for being one of two governor-level competitions that features a Democratic and a Republican female candidate. Denish is the Lieutenant Governor to outgoing Governor Bill Richardson. Martinez is the District Attorney for the 3rd Judicial District. Real Clear Politics lists the race as "leans GOP."   The most recent polling listed at RCP ended October 28 and places Martinez ahead by just under 11 points.

Jari Askins (D) vs. Mary Fallin (R) in Oklahoma [UPDATE: Called for Fallin, see updates below for more info]

If you couldn't recall the second female versus female gubernatorial race, this is it. This race most recently entered the national consciousness because of Fallin's response to a question about how she would define and distinguish herself from opponent. According to the AP, she said, "I think my experience is one of the things that sets me apart as a candidate for governor. First of all, being a mother, having children, raising a family." Real Clear Politics lists this race as "safe GOP."  This article from Saturday's Tulsa World would seem to echo the rationale behind that classification.

WEDNESDAY UPDATES, 11:20 EST (info is based on CNN's election result data)

Florida: Rick Scott wins; Sink concedes.

WEDNESDAY UPDATES, 7:45am EST (info is based on CNN's election result data)

Florida: This race has NOT BEEN CALLED yet. Rick Scott (R) leads 2,553,434 over Alex Sink (D) who has 2,500,510. Scott is one of the big self-funders who may win (Linda McMahon, Carly FIorina and Meg Whitman all having lost)

LAST UPDATE, 12:45AM EST, FOR JILL! SARAH WILL TAKE OVER (East Coast/West Coast hand off re: time difference!) Still no call on the Florida Gov race between Alex Sink and Rick Scott!  Here's an up to date article about how the candidates have sequestered themselves, waiting for the last 12% of votes to come in.  The break right now is Scott 49%, Sink 48% - with 88% reporting.

UPDATE 11:49PM EST: CALLED New Mexico: Susana Martinez (R) over Diane Dinesh (D), 54% to 46%, again, this is a change in party and in gender (outgoing is Bill Richardson)

STILL NO CALL on Florida - same as 20 mins ago


Florida - still not called but 84% in and Alex Sink is down 47% to 50%

New Mexico -PROJECTING Susana Martinez (R) as winner - this is a party switch and an add for women governors

Oklahoma - CALLED earlier for Mary Fallin (R) over Jari Askins (D)

South Carolina: CALLED earlier for Nikki Haley - R, no party switch but she is the first female and Indian American to be SC's governor

UPDATE 11:02PM EST: CNN CALLS IT for Haley in South Carolina

UPDATE 10:53PM EST: New Mexico, with 11% reporting, has Martinez up by 10% points

UPDATE 10:45PM EST: South Carolina - called for Nikki Haley with 52%

UPDATE 9:57PM EST: Florida - Sink is sinking with almost 70% in. Down by 150K votes.

UPDATE 9:38PM EST: Nikki Haley in SC Gov race (the GOP candidate) is down by 5,000 votes, 49% to 50% still

UPDATE 9:12PM EST: Fox has called Oklahoma for the Republican Mary Fallin at 58% to 42% for Democratic opponent, Jari Askins.


Florida - with 44% in, it's getting tighter - Sink is at 47% and Scott is at 50%


South Carolina - MUCH closer than anticipated - Haley w/49% and Sheheen with 50% with about 6% in.


Florida: Polls are closed and with 22% reporting, according to CNN, Alex Sink is trailing, 580,000 to Rick Scott's 662,000.  Rounding numbers here as a lot of information comes in!

No news yet for Oklahoma and Kansas as their polls are stil open.


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