2010 Election: California Governor (Whitman vs. Brown)

7 years ago

BlogHer's been covering the California gubernatorial race between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown from both sides of the aisle. What, if anything, does this race have to tell us about women CEOs making the leap from business to public life? What about Whitman's campaign and her connection, or lack thereof, to women voters? We'll keep you posted:

California Democratic gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown (R) and Republican Meg Whitman, (L) appear together with Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (C) during the Women

[UPDATED 8:21 pm PT]

And-- it looks as if the LA Times is calling the race for California Governor as going to Jerry Brown, with Senator Barbara Boxer returning to the U.S. Senate to maintain a slim majority for Democrats there. (The exact nunber of senators hasn't yet been determined given that election returns from Alaska and Hawaii have not yet been tabulated as of this writing.) Caveat: these results are called with 1 million vote by mail ballots having been issued from LA County's Registrar Recorder's office, with only 400,000 returned as of October 29, 2010. That said, out of the remaining possible 600,000 maximum votes left from Los Angeles, it may not make a difference in the lead Brown has over Whitman, and Boxer over Fiorina. There are 4,449,786 registered voters in the state of California in all, and certainly turnout was nowhere near 100%. Those statistics are not yet available.

As for why women voters didn't appear to connect with either Whitman or Fiorina? This summarizes many good reasons missed by the NYT's Adam Nagourney, linked above.

I'll just pull a few choice quotes:

Nagourney could've called the California Nurses Association
(CNA) to find out why an organization with more than 86,000 union
members in hospitals, clinics and home health agencies, ardently opposes
Whitman's plan to lay off 40,000 state workers, overhaul pensions and
trim the budget by $15 billion a year from the state budget.


Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for Women's Policy Research,
says the media haven't caught up with the political science research or
the opinion polling that shows women choose candidates based on where
they stand on issues like education and Social Security, not their
gender. "They won't vote for a woman they're 180 degrees at odds with."

Nagourney could've figured that out if he had spent less time talking to pollsters and more time talking to actual voters.

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Today, we'll be watching the results and keeping you posted on any breaking news. Stay tuned!

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