10 Things I Hate About HGTV House Hunters

4 years ago

I love to watch HGTV. One of the shows that is on quite often is House Hunters. I like to watch the show because of the great variety of houses and apartments they show around the country and the world. For some reason, I love to peek into other people’s lives through their homes.

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Despite my appreciation for the show, the people they have on the show are completely unrealistic and downright irritating. All this won’t stop me from continuing to watch the show, though, because I love a good laugh. And yes, I get a good laugh out of these people.

  1. It’s too small!” This is the proverbial gripe of every person on the show except for the real estate agents. People want big bedrooms, big bathrooms, big kitchens, etc.

  2. “There’s no granite counter tops or stainless steel appliances.” Apparently these people cannot fathom why a kitchen would exist without granite or stainless steel. They can never think outside the box or appreciate a unique or vintage kitchen.

  3. “I must have a man cave.” I am so sick of this statement that I scream at the TV every time I hear it. Every guy insists that he have a man cave in the new home. And the location of the television and surround sound is of the utmost importance.

  4. “We need an open floor plan.” These people always want the kitchen, living room, and dining room to be all open together. To the point where they take 100-year old homes and bust out walls to modernize.

  5. “Too much street noise.” They want a place in the city center so they could be in the thick of things. But they don’t want any street noise.

  6. Small budget, huge dreams. The people on House Hunters always want huge, updated homes in the best neighborhoods. But on a small-ish budget. I feel sorry for the real estate agents who have to deal with these conceited, petulant people.

  7. Whining about everything. These people are whiners. They whine because the bathrooms are too small. Or the yard is too small. Or they have to look out the window on their neighbor's driveway. The whining goes on and on.

  8. Space for entertaining. Every single person that is on this show apparently does a lot of entertaining. They insist on plenty of space for entertaining. Do people in real life really entertain that much?

  9. Closets. All the women on this show require a closet the size of Rhode Island for their huge collection of clothes and shoes. And it never fails that once they view a closet they turn to their fellow and ask, “Honey, where are you going to put your clothes?”

  10. House Hunters International: This one is the worst. People come from America and want to live in a quaint European town or neighborhood. But they expect huge updated homes and apartments like in America. And they usually go on to choose a place that looks exactly like they would find in a boring apartment complex back home. I get really frustrated here and can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in the culture and live like everyone else.


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