10 must see tv shows {bossy list}

3 years ago

My last "bossy list" was of my favorite movies. I use the term "bossy list" for any list that tells you that you "must" watch something or whatever. Hey lists - don't you tell me what to do! I'm an adult!

Anyways I'm totally bossy, just like these lists so it's a great way to share some of my faves. I have a totally inconsistent list of tv shows that I like to watch. Here's a list of some of my all time faves but also some of my current guilty pleasures.

(This is in Disneyworld. And , oh my gosh why am I wearing these shorts? They make me look 10 pounds bigger and 10 years older. Shudder.)

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is my shiz. I was a totally weird teenager and became obsessed with Buffy. I watched it every week and it was something that I could really relate to, especially since the characters were just one year older than me. When I went away to college, Buffy was about to start its 5th season. I went to college out of state (Ohio State University) and got placed with a random roommate. We got each other's info and emailed each other the summer before college to get to know each other a bit more. I don't know who brought it up first, but we told each other that one requirement was that we each needed to watch Buffy every Tuesday. Perfect! We got pizza every Tuesday and watched Buffy together and were probably thought of as those weird girls. It was awesome.

2. Anything else by Joss Whedon. Though Buffy is my favorite, I love everything Joss Whedon - Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog and even Dollhouse. Jarrod gets annoyed because he thinks that Joss Whedon could basically fart in a paper bag and I'd watch it. (He's right.) But I seriously do love his shows. I used to just rewatch all the shows on dvd over and over again while I'm doing other things (like blogging) with my old-ass tv. But now I have netflix on the world's oldest tv in the guest room so there is NO STOPPING ME. Mwuahaha.

3. Pretty Little Liars. This show is seriously the worst - I could throw my old ass tv through the humongous plot holes in this show. But I can't not watch it. Every episode pretty much just adds more questions, nothing is ever answered, people die and no one seems too concerned, teenagers are being stalked by adults and no one cares, these 17 year olds have better cars and clothes than me and I'm several episodes behind so don't.ruin.anything!!!

4. 24. I binge watched the first few seasons and my obsession with Kiefer Sutherland started. And I started staying "dammit!" and "I am a federal agent!" for fun. 

5. Lost. I watched this all out of order (I think I started watching season 3 and then watched the first 2 seasons and then the rest of the seasons) so I knew stuff that was going to happen and was still confused. My friends and I recently discussed our love and confusion for this show. 

6. Girls. This is a new obsession but it is so awkwardly uncomfortably awesome and random and I love it.

7. New Girl/Mindy Project/Brooklyn 99. I do realize that these are different shows but they're all on the same night and I love them all. I loved New Girl from the beginning but Mindy Project might be edging it out. 

8. Extras. I have previously mentioned my love for all things British. Since I totally lived there for 2 minutes and all.  I'm not going to be pretentious (too late?) and say that the British Office is better, since it's a totally different show. But it lead me to eventually watch Extras with Ricky Gervais which is amazing. There are lots of celebrity guest stars playing awful/weird/wonderful versions of themselves and it's the best ever. David Bowie's song is amazing. 

9. True Blood. It totally makes no sense a lot of the time and there is so much nasty violence and unnecessary boobs, but I love it. I think this next season will be the last one? My dream would be a spin-off where Lafayette has his own show and just says sassy things all day and calls people "hooker." Please HBO!

10. Downton Abbey. Again with the British-ness I love. I was unemployed when this show first started airing in the US so I am totally gonna be the person that says "I watched it from the beginning! Nyah!" But, as I said I was unemployed, so that takes away my street cred. I want to have Lady Mary's clothes and be politely bitchy like her and not get in trouble for it. Oh and this is one of my fave things ever - 

Some others but I wanted to keep the list to 10 because it's a nice even number - Doctor Who, Sherlock (both new obsessions), Gossip Girl, Parks and Rec, Flight of the Conchords, any makeover show on HGTV, So You Think You Can Dance, Mad Men, Project Runway, Homeland (maybe just the first 2 seasons?) and Absolutely Fabulous. 

What would be on your bossy list of must see tv?

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