10 Gift Ideas Book Lovers Will Love

2 years ago

It's the time of year when people when more and more people are saying, "My brother/father/mother/friend loves books. What should I get them for Christmas?" If only it were that easy to pick out a book that someone is going to love. Unless you know your book lovers preferences really well -- and know what they've read -- I still tend to recommend that you buy them something that is not a book. Or a gift card. But mostly things that are not books. Here are 10 gift ideas of book lovers.

Credit: Luciana Frigerio

Let's start with the splurge item. Every list has one and this is mine. I love the folded book art in Luciana Frigerio's Etsy shop. I used to be one of those people who was horrified at the idea of making art objects out of perfectly readable books but once I started seeing all the pretty things people were making I mellowed out. You can get custom-made monogrammed items, but I really love this one that simply says "Read."

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Credit: UncommonGoods

One of my favorite ways to read is to be surrounded by a bunch of blankets and pillows. I been making my own pillows by following Patchwork Catcus's instructions upcycling literary canvas bags but not everyone has a pile of canvas bags in their closet or the time to make them. UncommonGoods has some really fun literary caricature pillows. I think Charlotte Brontë is my favorite, but Mary Shelley is pretty great too.

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Credit: Gone Reading

Do you have a man in your life that you know really likes to read but you're not quite sure what they like to read? Pick them up an evolution of reading t-shirt from Gone Reading.

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Credit: CB I Hate Perfume

Some book lovers are really into the way books smell. If the book lovers in your life is one, you'll want to grab some library perfume. It supposedly smells like leather bindings, worn cloth and wood polish. It sounds pretty good to me. Since I'd prefer to have other things smell like books than to smell like them myself, I'd personally recommend the home spray over the perfume.

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Credit: Barnes and Noble

Penguin Modern Classics tend to have fabulous covers and author photos. They know it so they've assembled 100 of their best authors photos, made them into postcards and packaged up a large box of them. Yes! You can get 100 authors in one box! While this package is reasonably priced, if you have a lot of readers on your list you could buy one package of the postcards, some inexpensive frames and present each person with a framed postcard of one of their favourite authors. They make lovely and thoughtful gifts.

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Credit: Gone Reading

Family window decals do not seems to be declining in popularity. I've seen everything from zombies to Star Wars characters and now there's a set of window decals for book readers.

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Credit: BookHolder.com

I'll freely admit I'm a klutz and I cannot read on a treadmill. Stationary bike? Yes. Treadmill? No. Since most people I know are far more coordinated than I am, you probably know someone who could use a Levo book holder and treadmill extension. They also have ones that are designed for tablets.

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Credit: Black Milk Clothing

I've long loved Black Milk Clothing for their geeky clothing. I just recently discovered their Hamlet black leggings and I feel like every English major I've ever known needs a pair.

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Credit: TheSouthernRoot

Every good reading nook needs good lighting. I really like TheSouthernRoot's book page pendant light. If you don't think your book love needs a light, the shop also has a stunning book wreath.

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Credit: Our of Print Clothing

I've seen a lot of book-themed jewelry over the last few years. None of it has made me audibly sigh with happiness like Out of Print Clothing's Scout and Boo necklace. All of their jewelry is lovely but the Scout and Boo necklace gets my vote.

What are you buying for the book lover in your life this year?

Like this list? We've got 10 more gift suggestions for book lovers.

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