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2 years ago
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You know what I have always loved most about being an actor?


I love hanging out where all the real work happens – the quick costume changes, the tricky entrances, the hasty double-check of the prop table…

And most of all, I love seeing a performer take that MOMENT before they enter. They take a breath, drop into their bones, focus the mind and gather all of their energy together in order to deliver a meaningful performance.

It’s magic.

Over the next twelve days, I want to take you “backstage” in the world of email and personal development, and take a look at the business-building methods that some of my best friends and favorite teachers are using, so you can not only benefit from all their fabulous freebies, but you can also start to develop a vision for your own marketing.

I’m going to get underneath the hype and examine each teacher’s:

  • unique style
  • smart strategy
  • ideas you could borrow for yourself

So you can discover what’s going on behind the curtain.

My hope is that this will make you both a smarter consumer and a better entrepreneur.

(Because – like it or not – all creative people are entrepreneurs in one way or another, yes?)

So let’s look at the way that one of the smartest, kindest and most successful people in the “heart-centered entrepreneur” space is rocking her business:

Sharla Jacobs of Thrive Academy

Yesterday, my pal Sharla Jacobs and I did a free “preview” call about Client Attraction. We got some great feedback, so I’m delighted to share it with you.

Sadly, the recording cuts out abruptly about 12 minutes before we actually ended, but you can still get 95% of this solid training here: http://iTeleseminar.com/92913942

Sharla’s Unique Style

Sharla and her husband Jesse have been training healers, practitioners, coaches and creatives for a loooooong time, and they have been wonderfully successful. They have a multi-seven figure business now with a number of full-time employees, and they have trained tens of thousands of people. I find them to be kind, honest and quite clear about their mission to heal the planet by helping good people succeed.

Sharla has a kind-but-firm tone, kind of like the Head Counselor at your favorite summer camp. She’s warm, but not mushy, and while she’s got a good sense of humor, she leaves most of the joking around to her husband. She is also, I might add, a heck of a dancer, and she leads really fun, lightly-choreographed dance breaks at her events.

She teaches “Heart-Selling,” which is a sensible approach to having sales conversations based on the 5 elements found in Chinese medicine. (Sharla originally trained as an acupuncturist.) I find this approach to be PERFECT for the creative person; it is grounded, easy to implement and interesting to play around with. It is also shockingly effective.

Again, you can hear more about this technique here: http://iTeleseminar.com/92913942

Sharla’s Smart Strategy

Sharla’s 3-step business strategy is an excellent one.

Step One: A free preview call, interview, talk or keynote that underlines the PROBLEMS that get in the way of Client Attraction and a SOLUTION, which is her Heart-Selling technique.

Step Two: A $997 ticket to a live 3-day event called the Client Attraction Summit offered as a FREE SCHOLARSHIP. Only a small refundable deposit is asked in order to hold your seat. This invitation is offered on the same page as some additional free video training.

Step Three: At the Client Attraction Summit they offer a hands-on, workshop-style training on 1) How to Clearly Articulate What You Do 2) How to Find Your Ideal Client 3) How to Have a Comfortable Heart-Selling Conversation That Feels Great and also 4) How to Get Good Speaking Gigs and a few other helpful teachings. Then they invite you into one of their bigger programs if that’s something that feels right for you. They have a terrific reputation in the industry – in my experience, their peers like and admire them and their clients flat-out adore them.

Idea You Could Borrow for Yourself

I love how Sharla and Jesse took one area of expertise (Chinese medicine) and translated it into a system for teaching sales. I think it’s especially effective because their target market is made up of people who are likely to be familiar with the 5 Elements, and that familiarity helps make something that seems hard and scary (sales) seem much more accessible and friendly.

So….is there a way you could systematize your offer/teaching/product?
Can you create a “3-Step Process”?
Or could you add some thematic element that ties your offerings together?

Now, I’m NOT suggesting that you “dumb down” your offer in any way – I’m just asking you to play with the idea that giving your stuff an organizing principle makes it easier for others to understand and participate with you.

Let me know what you come up with, OK?



P.S. BTW, Sharla’s offer of a free scholarship ticket is still good – and – check this out – they’ve got one of their Client Attraction Summits coming up THIS WEEKEND in San Jose, CA. It’s a great deal for a truly valuable training. And if you can’t make it this weekend, they do them 3 times a year, so you can probably make the next one. Check it out here: http://clientsneedyou.com/


P.P.S. I am proud to be a friend, colleague, student, Big Fan and affiliate for many of the teachers, writers and healers I’m discussing in this email series. I trust that you will trust your intuition, do your own research and only get involved in things that are right for you. Good? Good. Thanks. – S.

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