My Experience With Beyond Buzz Crowdfunding Service

a year ago
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Beyond Buzz was not my first choice when looking to hire a crowdfunding service. But they quickly became the only crowdfunding services I used that actually got me results. Our project launched on Kickstarter and within 10 days I knew we needed some serious help.

I was in talks with Beyond Buzz before I launched my project but decided against hiring them because I was already committed to another service. Since I already spent money with another crowdfund marketing service I was very reluctant to spend more.

I was approved to partner with them during the Beyond Buzz review of my crowdfunding idea. I must admit that I was impressed during the first conversions with Beyond Buzz but I thought to myself that my idea was good and the first service I hired should be enough to get it funded.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. I was surprised by how difficult it was to get my project some initial momentum. The other service I hired kept giving me excuses as to why they weren’t seeing results and how it would take more money to get me funded. I didn’t want to keep paying the same company more money when they couldn’t get me any results to begin with. I was in a tough spot.

Even though I had already passed on the offer that Beyond Buzz gave me, I decided to give them a call. At first I felt a little guilty calling them back because I had told them no before. The worst part about the situation was that they even warned me about using the other service I hired. However, I had already paid the other service so I wanted to believe it would work.

Long story short, I spoke with the representative at Beyond Buzz that was assigned to my project. He expressed genuine sympathy about my situation and even spared me from the inherent “I told you so” moment that I expected to receive. “I understand. You’re new to crowdfunding so it can be hard getting it all right the first time” he reassured me.

With only 25 days left on my project I asked if we can still partner together and make it work. After a quick look at their schedule he said it may be possible. He informed me that he’d have to speak with the Beyond Buzz team about it and then scheduled a followup call first thing tomorrow morning. I was a little impatient because the clock was ticking on my project but I had to cut them some slack considering it was my fault I was in emergency mode. Beyond Buzz had offered to help me before my project was even live.

The next morning I got a conference call first thing from the Beyond Buzz marketing team, as promised. They told me that they could take on the project and partnered with me. They did charge me a slightly higher fee to cover their startup costs because they would have to make up for the lost time. I agreed and we got started. They immediately went to work reviewing my project page and making adjustments that the other service had completely overlooked. Then the Facebook marketing and social media promotions started, followed up some very creative PR work.

Within 24 hours I started to see my project pick up the pace. I got more backers that I did not recognize and I knew weren’t just from my efforts. Now I started to see the difference between a performance crowdfund marketing agency and the ones that they tried to warn me about. My experience with Beyond Buzz was great. My project eventually got funded due to their last minute help. I feel like I owe them a nice Beyond Buzz review because they took the extra time to work with me and put our initial differences aside. is a truly professional crowdfund marketing service in an industry that certainly needs more people like them.

If you need help I recommend working with them before you launch. Don’t make the same mistake I did and wait until it the last minute. The one thing I regret is that I didn’t hire them sooner and work on the schedule they recommended for me. You can always book a call and get in touch with them at