Zap Sun Damage and Freckles Off

3 years ago


Out Damn spot! Out!

The sun is shinning, birds are singing, flowers are sprouting out from the ground  and it is finally starting to warm up!  Sometimes despite your best efforts to reapply your sun screen, wear a big floppy hat, and seeking shade when the sun is blazing you look in the mirror and find that those cute freckles you had when you where 5 years old have now officially turned to age spots and are no longer cute.
Brighten your complexion and zap of sun damage with a series of IPL treatments.
On of my favorite ways to banish these babies is to zap them off with our IPL (Intense Pulse Light or sometimes referred to as Photo Facial.) machine.  A blast of light is pulsed over the skin.  The light reacts to the darker age spots on the skin causing it to do a couple of things.  If it is a dark freckle it may darken up and become raised. It will kind of resemble a coffee ground fleck.  
Over a period of the next few days it will become crusty and it will flake off.  It's so cool!  If the area does not have a lot of dark age spots but just an all over uneven skin tone then the skin will have a more onion peel effect.  That means the skin will continue slowly brighten up over a period of 2-3 weeks.
IPL feels like a rubber band snap but this is brief and the results are worth it.  In fact, one of my favorite clients had a series of IPL treatments and now comes in once a year for maintence.  Every year she forgets what it feels like. With every zap she can be heard yelling, "Damn it, Susie!!"  Makes me laugh every time!  It's not that bad. Really!  I do the treatment on myself.  I actually have another client who sleeps through this treatment!
Treatments are spaced 3-4 weeks apart and can be done anywhere on the body.  Generally 3-6 treatments are needed depending on the amount of sun-damage.  Photo-facials also regenerate your collagen and continue to do so 3 months after treatments have finished.  You may want to do 1 IPL treatment once or twice a year to keep up your results. 
So tell me
*What are some things you have tried to remove freckles and sun damage? 
*Have you ever had an IPL treatment for sun damage?
*Do you think you would be a damn it Susie, Sleeping Beauty, or somewhere in between type of client?

Till next time.  Have a beautiful skin day!  Your Esthetic Goddess,  Susie
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