The 2012 BlogHer Women, Style, and Shopping Infographic

5 years ago
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 BlogHer Research focuses on women and their online behaviors, particularly what motivates us to consider and make a purchase. After completing the 2012 BlogHer Style & Beauty Study this Fall, we pulled together key insights from it and several other recent BlogHer research studies to tell the story of how women make stylish shopping decisions. 

For the complete story, download this infographic, but here are a few tidbits:

What We Love

The 2012 BlogHer Style and Beauty Study revealed that 77% of women like to talk about clothes and shoes online, but only 35% like to talk about celebrity style online. We want to set our own trends…and we’d like a little help to do it. One third of BlogHers want a makeover to unleash that “style princess inside”.

Who We Listen To

The 2012 BlogHer Women and Social Media Study revealed earlier this year that a whopping 87% of BlogHer’s community members say they’ve made a purchase based on a blog recommendation, and the Style and Beauty Study further advises that 60% say advice from a familiar blogger is likely to draw them to a style or beauty site. The emotional impact of that advice is clear, with 60% also saying that blogs help them build confidence in their style decisions.

Where We Shop

Inspiration plus information leads to online action.  Just two years ago in our BlogHer Beauty is in the Eye of the Blog Holder Study, 55% of respondents said they preferred buying beauty products in person at a store vs. online.  Today, 60% now report they buy their beauty products online, a major shift. Another major shift is to mobile access. The 2012 BlogHer eMoms Study released at our annual conference revealed that mobile has become the most popular screen for moms, with 75% of them using their smart phones more than computers.

So, we’re interested: Does this sound like you? Are you a savvy, social, online shopper? Are you shopping on the go? Do you love the personal style blogs as much as the red carpet reports? Share your perspective in the comments!