Will pantyhose make a comeback?

6 years ago

In all of the press coverage before the wedding of kate Middleton and Price William, I admired the fashion and thought about how her ladylike elegant dress is a good influence on fashion (I'm amazed that companies are reissuing clothing just because she wears it).

However, there is one part of the new Duchess off Cambridge's wardrobe that as a true Southern California girl I cannot abide.


Almost all of the popular princess' photos during the tour have the tell-tale sign of sheer pantyhose (I adore that yellow dress she wore when she met the little girl at the Canadian airport).

The last time I had to wear pantyhose was for junior high dances, because my mom made me and many girls were still doing that at the time. I hated them- that high waistline, the way the seam on the toes twisted and how my legs looked either too tan or too pale, too dry or too shiny.

I understand that is is protocol for the Duchess to wear pantyhose and that the English royals are usually photographed in pantyhose and closed-toe shoes at events.

With the British obsession for Kate's elegant fashion, I can see them copying this part of her wardrobe as well.I even heard that sales of pantyhose are rising in the UK already.

With the popularity of shapewear I could see pantyhose making a small comeback. Hose helps slim just a little bit, and a tanner leg is easier to do with a pair of hose than laying out or using self-tanning lotion.

But I refuse to go that way- I love my legs bare, even if they aren't perfectly tan or slim.

What do you think of pantyhose making a comeback? When was the last time you wore any? Would you start wearing them again?



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