Synthetic vs. Natural Fabrics -- I'll take wool over polyester any day

3 years ago

There's one thing I cannot stand: it's reading a clothing label that says it is made with a fabric that contains something other than cotton, wool, linen or silk. Like "modal." What the heck is modal? It sounds like bunny fur or something, right, but it is synthetic, or more accurately -- semisynthetic. 

Just as cut is important when shopping, so is the fabric. I don't want to wear something that is going to make me sweat or that is going to retain odors because the fabric doesn't breathe. I don't want something that is uncomfortable and itchy. But more and more, you go into stores that used to have cotton and you'll see something other than cotton. I find that more with a "Made in China" label. Usually I sigh in relief when I see "Made in Vietnam," "Made in Thailand," "Made in India,"  and "Made in USA" because it's usually a natural fiber listed on the label. 

What are these synthetic fibers? Are they recycled trash? Are they plastic? I just don't get wearing plastic. I especially hate acrylic and polyester. Rayon is a step up, but still not as desirable. Sure, we need nylons for our legs and spandex to work out. But if there is not a specific purpose, why not wear something more organic, natural -- like cotton. 



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