Who Took That Picture? Fashion Bloggers

3 years ago

I love checking out other fashion bloggers, I always look at them & wonder who took that picture? I also like blogging support groups. It sounds like an addiction, I guess like any other addiction, blogging comes with its down side. It's got a huge learning curve. When I first started blogging, I rarely took a photo. I'll be honest, I'm a much better wordsmith than I am a photographer. The thought of always being "on" to take pictures of myself was really a bit of a pain. It was in a support group of bloggers offering honest critiques that I learned I needed to take more photos.

Who Took That Picture? Who Took That Picture?

The fashion bloggers I stalk...I mean follow all have these amazing pictures & I really have to wonder who took that picture! I have no photoshop skills & up until a few months ago, all of my pictures were taken with my iPad. I still do my so called editing with Picmonkey. I don't retouch, if I look like crap that day, well, sorry, you get it all. The good, the bad & the ugly.

While I know that some of the bloggers I follow are a pretty big deal and have professional photographers (at least that's how it appears), I can't imagine that they are all using a professional. I mentioned blogging support groups (yes, I'm a little scattered, I am flipping over to the blogs of others still trying to figure out who took that picture). What I learned in my support groups was as a fashion blogger, they wanted to see pictures. I'm a pretty confident person but to take photos of myself daily was not my idea of fun. About 4 years ago, in the month of October, I started doing something called Pink with a Purpose where I wear pink every day my wardrobe allowed & would ask people to donate to my chosen charity. Last year, I finally had enough to take me all the way through the entire month, taking photos of myself for the entire 31 days of October was tough for me. I felt like a narcissist but I pushed on with the encouragement of my friends who are survivors.

I have become more comfortable both in front of & behind the camera (I take all of my own pictures, thank goodness for remotes). I'm no expert but I have a couple of great lenses, now if I could just figure out what the heck I'm really doing, I might be dangerous. In the meantime, I'll keep checking out other great bloggers & coveting their photo skills. So, do you take your own pictures? Got any great tips for me? Share....


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