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4 years ago
Emily Haworth-owner and designer of ByBeep
I recently stumbled upon a jewelry shop unlike one I have ever seen before. The jewelry appeared as though it was taken straight from storybooks.
 Emily Haworth, a brunette with big green eyes, who loves baking and creating riddles, can be found making pieces of art so creative, you will feel like you are apart of something magical. Her work pushes the boundaries of everyday jewelry, inspiring the wearer's imagination

"A broken hairpin opened the door into the world of jewelry making for a Chicago-based illustrator." -"Etsy Blog"

TBO- ByBeep is a unique name, where did you get the name from?
EH-Beep is a nickname my family gave me. It was given to me because I would constantly make outlandish noises as a child.

TBO-How did you get your start making your jewelry pieces? Do you have any formal training or are you just amazingly creative?!
EH-Unlike my artwork, jewelry-making was not something I planned for- it was a path that reeled me in during the beginning steps of my journey. However, I am happy that it found me.I have no formal training, so creating jewelry is like solving a puzzle for me- I have to figure out where all the pieces fit in order to make my vision appear. Inventing my own process is fascinating to me.

TBO-Tell me about yourself, your name, where are you from?
EH-My name is Emily Haworth and I currently reside in Chicago, Illinois. However, I was born and raised in the hill country of Texas. I spend the majority of my time creating, and I want to explore the world.

TBO-Obviously creating beautiful, and whimsical pieces is a hobby, but do you have any other hobbies or creative outlets?
EH-Well, I don't have too many artistic hobbies because art is what I do for a living. Besides being a jewelry-maker, I am a Freelance Illustrator. I work on art all day, and I am always trying out new things in order to

evolve. Outside of my work, I enjoy baking, cooking, and writing riddles. These are definitely creative outlets for me. 

TBO-Where does your inspiration come from? I feel like your pieces are taken from scenes in a mind full of imagination. 
EH-I do get inspired by many things, but when it comes to my work, I like to look within myself for inspiration. My work stems from personal experiences that anyone can relate to. 

TBO-What are your goals with ByBeep, and where do you see your store hopefully in the future?
EH-I have an infinite amount of directions I want to explore when it comes to my work, so it is hard to predict the specific road I will take. I like the fact I can grow my work through many different outlets. 

"Today, jewelry-making and I are pretty content and have many more ideas we plan to explore. Sure, we have our disagreements, but when something is worth it to you, the ground is only a short fall away and the sky goes on forever." -Emily Haworth, "Etsy Blog"

TBO-Do you sell your products online anywhere else besides on Etsy?
EH-I currently only sell on Etsy, but I do plan on doing craft shows this summer.
TBO: What is your favorite piece you have created?
EH- "The Wicked Sea" because it is the piece that inspired my entire jewelry line. The first piece of any series is usually overlooked because one's artistic style continues to develop within the series. However, I think every artist can relate when I say the first piece of a series is the most meaningful to the creator- it is the heartbeat, the pulse that pushes the theme forward.

Find Emily Haworth beyond TheBackwardsOwl

Head on over to ByBeep and let Emily, "The paper-molding-prodigy"
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