What would I do.....

With a purse like this....

fendi 2jourkind patent leather bag


Being on bed rest I get to think of all philosophical stuff like that. And this thought made me think of a conversation I had with someone. "What would you do with a purse like that?" Well, it made me think, what would I do? Knowing me I would do the unthinkable, I would use it. GASP! Oh my God, the thought of it. Yes, I would open that Gucci or Fendi bag,put my crap in it, and use it.

It is just a bag afterall.Why wouldn't you use the purse? "Tht is such an expensive bag, I would just leave it in the closet. I would be afraid to use it." Yup, this is what a dear friend said to me. Not only about handbags but about shoes too. To me,that would be a crime against handbags everywhere.They do serve a purpose besides looking pretty or for some a status symbol,the handbags true existence is to carry all your crap. From phones,lipsticks,wallets, and keys to your baby's pacifier they are around for your continuous use. I know these big designer bags are expensive. I saw a Lanvin go for 2500. But,if I was ever given a chance I would use that bag like nobodies business. Afterall it is just a bag. Would you doom a purse to eternal darkness in the closet or would you wear it and use it? If this bag was given or not. You all know what I would do,so what about you? www.gofashiondeals.com


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