BlogHer '10: What I'm Packing

7 years ago

Are you caught up in the frenzy of worry about what to wear to BlogHer '10? Well worry no more -- I'm here to tell you what I'll be wearing. I'm serving as a guide of sorts as to what you might like to throw in your suitcase for a summertime trip to New York City. In August. Where you'll spend half of your time outdoors, melting. And the other half of your time, indoors wondering if a blizzard is on its way.

I tend to be a dress person. I like dresses because they don't require any thought  other than how to accessorize. There's no coordinating of a top and pants. I am lazy and I hate pants so I tend to spend most of the summer in dresses. It also helps that no matter the occasion I'm always appropriately dressed. This coming from a girl who once ran into her Congressman and her Senator while wearing pajamas. Which means that my first piece of advice is be appropriately dressed. This doesn't mean suit and tie or a full-on cocktail dress, but does mean that while you're packing, you should keep in mind that you're going to be in public for several days and there will be a lot of people around with access to an SLR and a Flickr Pro account.

At the same time you'll want to be yourself and be comfortable. A couple of years ago I wore a dress that I was incredibly uncomfortable in to a full-day function. To this moment I can remember the exact outfit and how I couldn't wait until the end of the day to take the dreaded thing off. I wore it because I wanted to look cute. Instead I looked as if my dress were made of scorpions. I wanted to burn every photo that surfaced of me in that awful frock. Take it from me, you'll want to be comfy and it will be so much easier to Be You if you're dressed like You.

And another thing: pack well. It doesn't matter if you have the cutest clothes in the world -- if you don't pack well, you really won't have anything to wear when you get to NYC. I've had terrible packing dilemmas over the past month or so where I end up at my destination with four skirts and nothing for my torso. Then I have to go shopping and I spend more money than I expected and it's a giant cycle of me asking myself, why oh why, I didn't plan better. Write things down, make a list, check it twice. It's fine if you forget something of course, since this conference is in Manhattan where you can get anything you want whenever you want it. But as always, be prepared. It's just easier that way.

Here are a few of my choices now that I've combed through my closet and written things down:

1. A party dress (from Delia's for $34.50)

I'm packing two outfits for going out. Not because I have anything super-special planned but because I like to have that option. The other nice thing about dresses is that they pack really easily which is why I'm bringing two for a just-in-case moment. I also like to change before heading out for the evening because I've spent all day running around so why not dress up and show off come evening?

2. Cute but comfy flats (Blowfish flats via Zappos for $39.95)

I actually bought these shoes yesterday for a different trip. When I realized the comfort level and that they could be easily removed in the event of an encounter with TSA, I knew that they were the shoes for me. My general look is cute and comfy; lots of jersey knit and flats. But if I'm going to wear flats they might as well be something to talk about. I'm bringing these cuties along with another pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers and two pairs of wedges (including the red pair in this post). Keep in the back of your mind that you're going to be traipsing around a hotel all day and then around Manhattan, you might want to save the stilettos for when you're stationary.

3. Blazer or cardigan or anything to keep you warm (Old Navy Twill Blazer for $17.47)

I can almost guarantee you that it will be a little chilly in the hotel. That's because it's going to be melt-your-face-off humid outdoors. Also, have you ever been to a conference or convention where it isn't 48 degrees in one room and 89 in another? I'm a big fan of the blazer and I love this look. Plus it's particularly lightweight and can be dressed up or dressed down. I also have a cardigan I plan to carry along. Whatever you decide to bring to keep you warm, keep it in a neutral color so that it can go with various outfits.

4. Daytime wear (Banded Knit Dress from Garnet Hill $39)

In my case daytime wear is a dress and I am particularly fond of this one from Garnet Hill. It's lightweight, there's an empire waist, the dolman sleeves. It's pretty much everything I love all wrapped up into one garment. This is one of a few dresses that I plan to bring with me to the conference and it's also exactly what I am comfortable in. Bring daytime wear that a) travels well and b) makes you feel like you. Never lose sight of the later and you'll be fine.

5. An awesome bag (Eiphanie Bag $165)

Click on the link and then get back to me. OMG, right? Friends of mine had these bags during the Mom 2.0 conference and ever since then I have been coveting an Epiphanie bag. During BlogHer I usually carry my camera around and a moleskine (along with phone, wallet, water bottle). I've had my laptop with me every single year and have used it exactly twice for liveblogging sessions. The question everyone asks is if they need a laptop and the answer is that it depends. I'm not liveblogging but I do have a job at home that I'll need to do stuff for so I'm bringing mine. I do not plan on carrying it around with me but I always will have my camera on hand. This bag is perfect for me. Either way bring a sturdy bag for carrying around your necessities and of course the extra things you pick up because H&M is just around the corner.

That's all for what I plan to bring. Throw in some underthings and everything fits into a carry-on bag. So be yourself and pack whatever you're most comfortable in.

What will you be wearing? Or have you not thought about it yet? Don't worry, you have time.

Heather B. 

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