What If...

5 years ago

What if I stopped rejecting my woman's body for women's history month? 

What if I stood naked in front of a full length mirror, looked myself in the eye & said what I've never been able to say to myself with a straight face: "You are beautiful."

What if I thanked my body because it knows how to heal itself from injury & defend itself from germs? What if I thanked it because it rises to meet the demands I make on it, even when I don't give it the fuel it needs to function properly?

What if I stared at my stretch marks & thanked my skin for stretching instead of tearing when I gained too much weight too fast? What if I praised my double digit sized feet for never failing to get me from point A to point B? What if I adored my double D sized breasts (even though they've never been "perky") because they fed my children? 

What if I celebrated my ovaries and uterus for doing exactly what they were designed to do & praised them for all the bonuses... no painful periods, 2 uncomplicated pregnancies, 2 textbook labors & deliveries without drugs for pain relief.

What if I trusted my body as it ages instead of feeling bewildered or betrayed by the transition from a season of childbearing to the stages beyond childbearing?

What if I pledged to care for it because it has carried me without complaint for nearly 4 decades? What if I honored my current "higher maintenance" body by stretching it, strengthening it, moving it...

What if I became the woman who loves herself fully inside & out this month?

I'd be a woman having undergone a personal revolution, liberated from every negative thing society & a damaged ego has programmed me to believe. 

That would be a milestone worth celebrating.

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