Wayne Goss brush set review.

3 years ago

As I sit at my laptop today I’m debating whether to write this piece or skip, it’s about a product that I was very excited about and I really wanted to love it, instead I’m a bit on the fence.

I’m talking about the Wayne Goss brushes, yet another YT guru has struck out and decided to put his name on a set of brushes.

Mr. Goss was not endorsed by a big name company, he has in fact used his own funds for this business adventure, he has researched long and studied hard before letting a Japanese company  produce his brushes.

His product is not exactly affordable, the brush set I own is $210.00 for 8 brushes.

The brush price goes from $ 17.00 to $ 85.00, in range with MAC, Bobby Brown and other higher end labels.

All the brushes are black except for the foundation brush which is white, they are all intended to be multi-function and in its own a complete set; they are made of animal hair but are cruelty free, my understanding is that they use the hair that falls out during brushing, said that I’m not completely ok with the cruelty free label because there’s no way of knowing how these animals are kept and if indeed they are not hurt.

I’ve owned this set for almost two month and I’ve tried to use them every day, here are my thoughts by brush and then by set.

Brush 01: Slanted, stippling foundation brush. It is meant to be a wonder brush and give you an air brushed appearance, I have found it a bit tedious to work with because of its small size and I have a very small face! I have used it dry and I have spritzed with water but the end result remained the same: there were visible streaks and I have to go over with a damp sponge. I have used this with my Chanel cream bronzer and it has worked better. Of all the brushes this one is the one I will most likely put away and never look back.

Brush 02: tapered contour/ blush brush. This brush can be used for: powder, blush or contour or all of the above and all in one sitting, you just need to gently wipe the brush on a clean cloth. I love using it to set the foundation under my eyes and for blush, just a small warning: when you use this brush with your blush make sure you give a good blow to knock out the extra product the brush picked up or it will look like you have racing stripes on your cheeks! It’s a dense yet very soft brush and it will pick up A LOT of product.

Brush 03: large tapered blending brush. This one is a good blending and contour brush, it works best if you have a lot of eyelid space.

Brush 04: medium tapered brush. Same as above but much more suited for the outer V or if you have less eyelid space.

Brush 05: small tapered brush. This one is great for very precise looks like a cut crease.

Brush 06: it’s a packing-blending brush. This brush is soft and densely packed it will pick up a lot of color.

Brushes 07 and 08: they appear to be liners, lip, detail brushes. I personally use o7 when dealing with the lover lash line and 08 for liner.

As a set I’m not sure I would consider it complete and for the price of some of these brushes I would like better results. On the plus side so far none of them have shed!

This appear to be manufacture by Hakuhodo and the prices fall within range of the assumption, having said so I can say that they are unique, I’m sure Mr. Goss has tweaked and perfected them but I can’t say they are much different from other sets and I really wanted to; I guess I was expecting a “beauty blender” effect and I really wanted to be blown away.

Don’t misunderstand me, they are good brushes and they eye set is very mindful of the different shapes and sizes but I just can’t bring myself to say: go out and get them.

There are tons of more affordable brushes, will they be as soft? Maybe not but they’ll get the job done. The brushes I do recommend checking out are: 02, 03, 06 and 08.

Keep in mind that when you are shopping for brushes you need to take into consideration your face and features size and buy accordingly.

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