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3 years ago

Vogue magazine to many girls out there, represents the fashion mecca of the world. All of my life the word VOGUE meant something special. I follow Vogue on social mediaprint, and I watch any TV showdocumentary, or film that relates to this fashion empire. If it has anything to do with Vogue, I want to know about it. Like many, I’m Vogue obsessed.

As the world continues to change, the society we live in sets new trends. I can only imagine Anna Wintour’s undertaking to keeping Vogue relevant, current and reflecting of these fast pace trends being more challenging then ever before.

With that said, I must admit that when seeing Vogue’s social media post on the controversial April cover of Kim and Kanye, my reaction was of utter disbelief! A week later of reading the comments and responses to Anna’s decision to feature the famous couple, I felt as I wanted to share my own reaction with our Confession Girl readers. Why? Because I care about all things Vogue, and because I do believe that this cover will be a historic mark in Vogue’s existence. When Anna decided to feature celebrities on the covers of Vogue, the magazine gained tremendous interest. The April 2014 cover is just as controversial, if not more, then Anna’s first cover showing a model in a bejeweled couture jacket and blue jeans back in 1988. Wintour is known for bold moves and this cover may be one of her boldest moves yet. Personally I was shocked to see Kim and Kanye featured on the cover, but happy to know that everyone is talking about Vogue.

Many argue that good advertising isn’t the same as bad advertising, in which I couldn’t agree more. However, it is in our nature to respond to controversy. The cover is beautiful from a photographic stand point. The contrast of skin tones, the frozen-in-time state captured by Leibovitz pulls you in whether you know who Kim and Kanye are or not.

And so I continue looking forward to flipping through the pages of each Vogue issue. My favorite part of the magazine is The Editorial Section. This is why I love Vogue, it’s all about the clothes and the accessories. Who is featured on the cover and why, isn’t the focus. It’s all about fashion and how society influences our choices. Anna has been more focused then ever since she became Editor in Chief, in her pursuit and passion of continuing to key in on the ever changing stages and states of fashion, no matter where the influence is coming from.

I want everyone to focus on why we are here today when we choose what we wear and how we accessorize. Not the life of a controversial couple and their accomplishments or lack of.

Share with us what inspires you, or influences you have identified when choosing an outfit.
For now, I continue to stay true to my own look choosing clothes that are simple, tailored, black and have a perfect fit with unique cuts derived from architectural shapes.

Express yourself.

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