(VIDEO) The Year in Jeggings

They're jeans. They're leggings. They're ... awesome?

We couldn't help but notice beaubeau's ode to jeggings this week on BlogHer. To quote:

I decided to closely compare my 80’s leggings and my “oh so current” Jeggings. Seems like the same shape and style, same spandex fabric blend. My conclusion - the only significant difference is the price tag. Seems Jeggings are just a more costly, modern-day version of my good old leggings (which I fortunately never got rid of). And like the leggings of the 80’s, (remember the 80’s legging look with over-sized sweatshirts and pumped up Reebok sneakers?) Jeggings will definitely be an ageless pillar of this mature fashionista’s wardrobe.

Beaubeau's not the first to extol the virtues of comfort fashion. Metalia fell for maternity skinny jeans. It turns out jeggings are actually an entry drug:

I'm all for making independent fashion choices, but every now and then, the seemingly-silly style trend that's bearing down on you from all sides can be the right one for you. And while I will personally never get behind denim shorts, shirts, or acid washed ANYthing, my skinny jeans experience has encouraged me to give (some!) questionable trends a try. Namely, jeggings, and boyfriend jeans.

Pajama jeans have snuck their way onto BlogHer more than once, as well. This year, Sassy Curmudgeon recommended them in her blogger gift guide:

Pajamas that are jeans. Jeans that are pajamas. Need we say more? It’s like work and play are locked in a lurid, fleece-y embrace that perfectly accentuates your ass.

That's a far cry since Devra Renner caught the pajama jean commercial on TV and thought it was Saturday Night Live.

2010 was truly the Year of Jeggings. They now even have an official music video. Go ahead and show it to your family and co-workers. We'll wait.

Even Wonder Woman had jeggings this year. We're sort of scared what 2011 might bring.

Fashion predictions, anyone?

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