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4 years ago


Mixing Prints is a popular trend now. As this trending occurred, many people were wondering 'how do we wear this?' This is the type of thing that defines fashion today; rule breaking. In the past, it was all about the rules. No white after Labor Day. Don't pair black and navy, or pink and orange. Now we're allabout breaking rules and rocking it. That's what I love! I love having the freedom to mix and match my way. They say the key to mixing prints is to match the color. I say if it looks right and it's worn with confidence, then you can wear it! If you have a special eye for design, then you'll instinctively know what looks right. Follow that gut instinct!

In the set above, I did match my colors on my mixed prints. The sky blue polka dot button-down is paired with the floral skirt. Although the skirt is various colors on a black background, the sky blue stands out on the skirt and ties in the top. I kept my accessories fairly neutral. I used a plain tan cardigan, dark brown vintage tote, and tan bow flats; all classic pieces. These classics really bring the outfit back to planet Earth and helps pull it all together.

This entire accessorized outfit comes in at a grand total of $261! This shows that you really can afford to keep up with the trends if you shop in the right places. I often get on 'quality' kicks because I really value nice quality clothes. I'd rather invest in having nice things than waste money on garbage. The popularity of stores like Joyce Leslie and Charlotte Russe really gets on my nerves. But the truth is, how long are you really going to be wearing that ombre skirt? You don't need that skirt to hold its value because before you get the chance to blink, it's out of style and you're onto the next big thing. The best advice I can offer is to splurge on basics and classics and save on trends. With that motto, you'll always be able to keep up with the next thing financially. The above items are all reasonably priced without throwing away quality.

What's your favorite store to shop trends? My top shop is Kohls. They always have great coupons and decent quality. Target is another hot spot. Shoppers often underestimate their fashion-sense. However, with all of their top designer collaborations over the past few years they've really proven themselves.

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