Top Ten Excuses For Holding Onto Clothes You Don't Wear (And How To Conquer Them)

6 years ago
First step of a closet clean-out, is letting go of your excuses.

We're going to be doing a couple posts surrounding doing a closet clean-out.  One of the most important part of the closet clean-out is deciding what to get rid of and how to do it.  Here are my top ten excuses I've held onto something but didn't wear it.

    1. It looked so good on the model!  But uh, less good on me: You are not the model. You may be amazingly beautiful, but still look bad in a certain cut of jeans or a particular style of jacket.  If you are holding onto something because you have in your head a picture of what you should look like in it, then it's time to let it go.  Your gut is right on this one.
    2. It was expensive!  How can I get rid of something that I paid a lot of money for?  Yes, it was expensive.  But what you have hanging in your closet is a reminder of how much money you spent on something that makes you look bad or you don't like.  And that?  Makes you feel frumpy.  It's also taking up closet space.  If it was pricey, try selling it on eBay. Or give it to a friend who would look better in it.  Don't hold onto it like some sentimental photograph.  Ditch it.
    3. It may come back in style.  If I just wait long enough...: It may come back in style.  Yes, it may.  Fashion is cyclical, we all know that.  And maybe it's worth holding onto something that you really loved but is now out of fashion.  Especially if it was flattering.  Chances are though that when it comes back around in style, it will come back differently.  It will be similar but not the same.  And your piece will just look dated.
    4. It will fit eventually when I lose a few pounds. (Or, the better problem to have, when I gain a few pounds): This one is tough.  If you fluctuate a lot or if you have had a baby it's hard to part with clothing that will accommodate your different sizes.  But if you have been holding on to say, a pair of jeans for more than a year and they still don't fit, it's time to let those go.  If you lose a lot of weight, then I'd say you can treat yourself to a new pair.
    5. I just haven't found the right occasion to wear it.  Hmm...if only someone would throw a rodeo cocktail party with a disco theme.  If you're waiting for just the right time to wear that pretty frock or that nice top, and it hasn't come around in a year or so, time to let it go.  I suppose very formal dresses might be worth holding onto, because those occasions are few and far between.  But ask yourself it you really love it, and if the party was tomorrow, would it be your go-to item?  No?  Into the giveaway pile it goes.
    6. I just haven't found the right shirt/jeans/skirt/shoes to wear it with. If you haven't found what to wear it with, then make that your short term mission.  Look at it and figure out what it needs.  Would you wear it if you had a certain style top to go with it?  Do the jeans need some cute flats you don't have?  Find those items and put it together as an outfit.  If you can't find something that works quickly, then you have to ask yourself if anything would work with it.
    7. It's just a little long/short.  With the right tailoring job I know I could make it work:  If those truly are the only problems...then get thee to a tailor and have them altered.  But before you do that make sure that's the only problem with them.  Are the jeans otherwise awesome, they just need a little hemming?  Is the top great, it just needs a button?  If it has multiple problems that would be too hard or too cost prohibitive to fix, ditch it.
    8. I love it, it's just so impractical for my lifestyle:  You know what's impractical for your lifestyle?  Having it hang in your closet all lonesome like.  Yes of course, stilettos aren't great for pushing a stroller.  But maybe you should get out more and have a date night and dust those things off.
    9. It's too nice.  Fits great, makes me look awesome.  But it's so nice, I don't want to ruin it. So I'm saving it.  For what, I'm not sure: Hoarding your nice stuff so it doesn't get ruined is just sad.  Stop that.  Yes, it might get ruined.  Your child may slop a cup of chocolate milk all over the front of it.  These things happen.  But again, if it's sitting in your closet waiting to be worn, you're being silly.  Live a little.
    10. My significant other loves it on me, even though I feel ugly in it: I have held onto a white skirt that makes me look like I live on the prairie and should be in the back of a covered wagon.  For some odd reason my husband likes the skirt.  So does my daughter.  But they don't have to wear it.  I do.  I get that we like to make our loved ones happy, but if it's not making you feel good, it's time to let it go.
Now, what are your excuses?  Tell us, we'd love to help you tackle them!



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